SELF SERVICE: Most of the celebrities who made it to New York’s fashion week were there with one clear mission: self promotion. Not Molly Shannon, the "Saturday Night Live" star who stopped by Cynthia Rowley’s show. She had this piece of advice for the fashion flock: "Be yourself. I don’t like when people try to copy too much what they see everywhere else. You should mix together different styles and even just buy something from a regular store. It doesn’t have to be designer. I actually like people who aren’t stylish at all."

ONE FOR ONE: "I’m not a big fashion follower, but I really liked it,’’ said Susan Sarandon, describing the Donna Karan fashion show. It was the only show she attended this week. "The lines are really flattering, it’s strong, elegant and modern, and the fabrics look easy to wear.’’ Sarandon said she was off to a demonstration and then Monday will start filming "Icebound" in Canada about a doctor at the South Pole who performs her own mastectomy.

In May, she starts another movie, "A Whale in March." And in between, Sarandon, who wore a red Donna Karan gown to the Golden Globes, still needs to find a dress for the Oscars.

HOT STUFF: Having evidently hung up those nasty chaps, pop tart Britney Spears is now hot for HotPants. A blue and white striped pair in the window at the Laura Urbanati boutique on Sunset Plaza stopped Spears in her tracks last week: she left her car curbside while she dashed in to scoop up the $130 short-shorts, along with a $212 Liberty floral print peasant skirt. "It was her first time in," said a sales clerk. "She was just in and out in five minutes." And what was the blonde one wearing? HotPants, of course.

CELINE ROCKS: Construction delays prevented Celine from opening its remodeled Beverly Hills boutique this week but president and ceo Jean-Marc Loubier didn’t let an already-booked trip to Los Angeles go to waste. On Thursday night, he partied at Barfly on Sunset Boulevard and staged a Celine spring fashion show to help songstress Sasha Lazard launch her latest album, "The Myth of Red." It was the fashion brand’s first promo with the music biz and Loubier said he wants more. "We have done film, but rock and opera?" he said, referring to Lazard’s style. "We love that!" Celine’s Rodeo Drive store was set to open Sunday. Loubier will be back for a grand reopening party in April.DOUBLE VISION: Dan and Dean Caten of DSquared know all too well that the majority of top editors will not be in Milan to attend their debut women’s show and the party that follows on Feb. 27. Disappointed, but certainly not defeated, the twins plan to bring their show to editors. They’re organizing an intimate video screening and champagne cocktail party for select editors at the presidential suite of Milan’s Principe Hotel, although the exact night has yet to be set.

THE KINGS OF CALVIN: The man who appeared to be the happiest on the face of the earth at Calvin Klein’s show on Friday was the designer’s retiring partner, Barry Schwartz. He left for dinner that night at Le Cirque with attorney Allen Grubman, who helped secure the deal to sell the company to PVH, and then flew for a week’s vacation to Florida on Saturday morning. When he comes back, Schwartz said, there’ll be plenty of time for the ponies.

Also glowing was the new king of Calvin Klein, Bruce Klatsky, who was shaking hands and getting acquainted with the fashion set, although he had a less enthusiastic reaction to the temperamental elevators at Milk Studios, where he crammed in with Hilary Swank. "I paid $430 million and this is what I get," he said.

But will Klatsky be trading in his pinstripe suits for something a little less constructed?

"Not me," he said. "I’m not changing, but Weber’s already changing his look," he said, pointing to chief operating officer, Mark Weber.

WIGGED OUT: Alice Braga, the young star of the Brazilian film "City of God" that has taken critics by storm, made her New York fashion show debut at House of Field on Friday, but takes a laid-back approach to her own attire. "The thing I like about fashion is the way it makes you feel good," she said. "I just like to be comfortable and enjoy it."

She tagged along to the show with her aunt, Sonia Braga, who, of course, had a romantic adventure on "Sex and the City" not long ago with that other over-exposed fashion show personality, Kim Cattrall, who has been mercifully less omnipresent this season. That is, until she showed up at House of Field incognito —?with short brown hair!"This is just a wig," she trilled. "I’m just having fun!"

WILL HE, OR WON’T HE?: Has Charles’ and Camilla’s moment finally arrived? On Monday, the Times of London reported on its front page that Prince Charles is preparing to ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to marry his longtime love Camilla Parker Bowles. A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman dismissed the report as "absolute rubbish," while others are maintaining a healthy skepticism about a future marriage. Dennis Friedman, a London-based psychiatrist and relationship counselor, has just published a book in the U.K. on royal mistresses, and has devoted the final chapter to Charles and Camilla’s relationship. In "Ladies of the Bedchamber: The Role of the Royal Mistress" (Peter Owen, $34.95) — which will be published in the U.S. later this year — Friedman calls Charles a commitment-phobe and wonders why Camilla has been "hanging around" for so long. "Ever since he’s been an adult, Charles hasn’t made a long-term commitment to anyone," Friedman told WWD in a recent interview. "Being in limbo must suit him."

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