WWD: Your New York stores are color-coordinated with all the blues together in one area, then the reds, yellows, whites, etc. Why?
Joe Mimran
: We like to change it up. We are a very visual company and the store breaks down into these pods so it’s fun to talk with color in an experimental way.

WWD: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Well, I’m an avid art collector. I just got a Will O’Brien piece delivered to our apartment here in New York.

WWD: You’re Canadian and your daughter Jacqueline is 11. Do you have Bieber Fever?
I do! You know when Mayor Bloomberg came to our store opening at 510 Fifth Avenue, it was quite a big deal for him to show up and he gave a great speech. He said, “Joe Fresh is the greatest Canadian thing to come to the U.S. since Justin Bieber.” So yes, we’re into him.

WWD: Your wife is Kim Newport-Mimran, the Pink Tartan designer. Does your daughter think it’s cool to have both mom and dad in fashion?
Sometimes, though recently we were walking to the village near our home in Toronto and she asked if she could walk behind us because we were too dressed up.

WWD: Is there any current fashion trend happening that you don’t like?
Mimran: I don’t like ankle-strap shoes. I don’t like what it does to the leg — it truncates a woman’s silhouette and that’s a real pet peeve for me.

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