Your chances of bumping into one from an edition of Vogue: 1 in 20.
Your chances that it happens to be Anna Wintour: 90:1
Average number of Vogue editors attending one of the 117 shows: 3.7

Number of publications promising “daily” coverage of the shows: 3
Number of issues Us Daily will actually publish this week: 3

This story first appeared in the September 13, 2003 issue of WWD.  Subscribe Today.

Number of days Full Frontal Fashion plans to continuously be on the air: 52
Total hours FFF will air on MetroStories during that span: 1,248
Number of hours of actual FFF programming: 50

Number of programs on “Fashion Week TV:” 1
Number of trendy hotel rooms in which it will air: 15,000
Times it will continuously play each day: 12
The founder’s estimated revenues of Fashion Week TV next year: $20 million
Number of magazine publishers attending: 22
Number likely to get a front seat: 1

(Paper editor Kim Hastreiter has both titles.)

Registered media outlet most likely to find Baby Phat as evidence of capitalist corruption: China TV
Registered media outlet most likely to be a soft-core porn site: (A members-only area on the site named “Kittens” features images of barely clothed girls writhing on a couch.)
Registered media outlet most likely to cause concerns about Florida’s school system: Boca Raton Educational Television

Food and drink made available by 7th on Sixth to working press: Krispy Kreme doughnuts and alcohol by Smirnoff, Red Stripe and Guinness.
Approximate calories in a well-balanced breakfast of a glazed doughnut and beer: 345

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