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NEW YORK — After a three-year break, Alexandra Lind Rose is back on the scene designing a new signature collection for Fiandaca for women much like herself, who are busy with their work, social calendars and family lives.

The thirtysomething designer drew inspiration from friends — in terms of what they wear and where they go — before creating the Alexandra Lind Rose collection for Fiandaca, the New York-based wholesale dress operation that has freestanding stores in Boston and Palm Beach, Fla. While there seems to be no shortage of socialites-turned-designers, Lind Rose, a co-host of the Haughton International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show and a fan of New York's version of the Save Venice benefit, is not trading in on her socialite status. She designed a signature collection for eight years in the Nineties before taking some time off to do charity work, travel and spend more time with her husband and friends.

"Having time off allows you to appreciate everything, to have a different perspective of your customer and her lifestyle," said Lind Rose, adding she was only 24 when she started her company. "I'm a different person than I was then, but my philosophy is the same. It's a merging of tasteful elements with alluring ones and injecting a modern silhouette. I'm having more fun with customers now that I'm older and more focused."

She currently is gearing up for a runway show Sept. 5 at the Bryant Park Grill.

And her hiatus was not entirely fashion-free: She worked as style director for Alvin Valley for a spell.

During a casual walk-through of her pastel Fifties-inspired spring pieces, Lind Rose said, "The girl who buys this has her own sense of fashion. She's the girl who goes into a store and knows what she wants."

High-waist, wide-leg evening pants, a chartreuse scallop-pleated blouse, a colonial blue bubble skirt, a dainty white evening jacket and a gold dress with brocade details are among the 20 styles, which will wholesale from $350 to $1,000. The pieces are aimed at women between the ages of 30 and 50. The girlish styles seem well-suited for Southern shoppers and that's not by chance. Fiandaca plans to open a 1,500-square-foot store in Nashville next month, said company founder Alfred Fiandaca."It's a joy to help people with talent," he said. "One of the good things about this association is that I can dress the mothers, and Alex can dress their daughters."

Fiandaca said he has developed a loyal following in the nearly 42 years he has had a Newbury Street store in Boston. Also, many clients drop by his West 36th Street showroom when they are here on business trips with their husbands. Fiandaca is looking into opening stores in Atlanta and Houston, as well as one on Madison Avenue. The latter is a location he maintained for seven or eight years but gave up post-9/11. "I just got cold feet, like a lot of people in the U.S. Many of my clients stopped flying in with their husbands."

Alexandra Lind Rose for Fiandaca is expected to drum up more than $1 million in first-year wholesale volume, said Chris Zhang, director of sales and marketing for Fiandaca.

Colorful solid four-ply silk dresses — which sold well her first time around but have been updated with Lurex trim — should be well-suited for shoppers in cities like Boston who want fashionable easy pieces, Lind Rose said.

"I grew up in Palm Beach for half of my life, so I had this understanding with Alfred immediately — because of my knowledge of what that girl is wearing," she said.

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