NEW JEWELERS OF THE WORLD: Leading Jewelers of the the World, an association of upscale retail jewelers, has named a number of new members. The jewelers are chosen by the association’s executive director based on recommendations from an advisory board.

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The following jewelers have joined the group: Aucoin-Hart Jewelers, Metairie, La.; Bailey’s Fine Jewelry, Rocky Mount, N.C.; B.C. Clark Jewelers, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Becker’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, West Hartford, Conn.; Bergstrom’s, Minneapolis, Minn.; Bremer Jewelry, Peoria, Ill.; Davis Jewelers, Louisville, Ky.; Harold Jaffe Jewelry, Toledo, Ohio; Lacey & Co., El Paso, Tex.; Underwood’s, Jacksonville, Fla.; George Walton Gold & Diamond, Anchorage, Alaska, and W.R. Chance, Annapolis, Md.

The association was created in May 2001 and is designed to enhance the buying experience for jewelry shoppers. Each of the retail members pay a fee of $3,500 a year for which they receive training, signage and a special trustmark designation, as well as advertising, marketing and public relations services.

“Our goal is to create an elite membership of 200 upscale jewelry retailers,” said Jack Gredinger, executive director of association.