Here we go with another season of the expected front-row brouhaha. Who’s coming, who’s not, who promised to come but won’t, who wants to go but can’t get in. It’s a public relations nightmare — especially since there’s only a finite number of Row 1 seats.

But there’s at least one New Yorker who always has, and certainly now will get, priority seating at the tents — Sarah Jessica Parker, a.k.a. Carrie Bradshaw. Alas, the fall collections will bid a sweet adieu to the city’s favored and most fashion-forward daughter and her three comrades.

Now the question is: Who can fill their Jimmy Choos?

Oscar de la Renta muses, “I think at this particular time, there is no one who could really be a replacement for Sarah Jessica Parker. There won’t be for quite a while.”

He, like Sass & Bide newcomers Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke, foresees SJP being a fashion force for quite some time — basically because Sarah, Kim, Kristin and Cynthia have had such a strong run. On the small screen, it’s too early to tell if “O.C.” and “The L Word” can pick up their torch — even if early signs point toward respective stars Mischa Barton and Jennifer Beals making inroads to all the “Who’s In” lists. They could cause a front-row stir if they popped up.

At least for now. This is fashion, after all, and a designer has to strike when the iron is hot — or, more like, when the girl is hot. For instance, in seasons past, Britney, Gwen or Beyoncé would cause a stampede of stilettos, while a lass like Jessica Simpson might get merely a passing nod. But five months (and a few cans of Chicken of the Sea) later, Simpson is the ambassador from the music world. Of course, you’d still be wise to put Beyoncé in a great seat.

The same goes for cover girl ad nauseam Scarlett Johansson, who, with Barton, currently vies for the season’s “It” girl crown. Snagging her for the front row could solidify a designer’s relevance and hip quotient. “If the right celebrity comes to your show, it’s an endorsement,” says British designer Matthew Williamson. “A pat on the back.” And he should know, with fans like Britney and Gwyneth.But will Scarlett, Mischa or any others — who, no doubt, are inundated with invites — show? Will any of Hollywood’s current favorites — who also include Naomi, Uma and Charlize — make it to New York this season? With the Oscars coming up at the end of the month — only two weeks after the American collections end — it doesn’t bode well for those hoping to attract an A-lister or two. Then again, if any of the starlets wanted to solve their what-to-wear conundrum in person, the New York shows offer the perfect solution.

However, there could be some unexpected surprises to tempt the cameras — Jeremy Scott is gunning for Tammy Faye Baker or Miss Piggy tonight, while the As Four crew extended an invite to Elizabeth Taylor.

So it’s left to the designers’ truest, bluest friends, the Ladies Who Lunch (and buy) — as in Nina Griscom, Cornelia Guest, the Lauders and the Trainas, to name a few — to fill those seats. And no doubt their lovely faces will be seen and captured for gossip pages everywhere.

But this is a democracy, of course, where all men, celebrities and socialites are created equal, so Yellow Fever designer Jamison Ernest offers, “I think seating should be on a first-come, first-serve basis.” But he’s no fool, and has lined up Heidi Klum, Gisele, Brooke Shields and Rachel Weisz to cheer him on from the front.

Here, WWD’s rundown of which women are hot designer catches this season — which assumes that every designer already knows that if Bill Murray or Johnny Depp make an appearance, usher them to the best seat in the house, too.

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