Makeup artist Tom Pecheux went green backstage at Malandrino Monday morning, creating what he called an “organic, graphic” look, inspired by the designer’s desire for “something reminiscent of a leaf.”

Pecheux, who was working on behalf of MAC Cosmetics, added, “It’s organic because it’s green and it’s graphic because we’re playing with different shades of green. The light green is soft and the dark green is sharp.”

The two eye shadow shades Pecheux used were called Bitter and Velvet Moss. Pecheux applied a tinted, nude lip conditioner and left the cheeks alone. “The whole look is very matte,” he remarked.

Hairstylist Odile Gilbert did updos and down-dos at Malandrino, incorporating flowers in each style. “You have hair down, with flowers on the side,” she said, “or a bun in the back, with flowers.”

Gilbert, who described the inspiration for the look as “a young girl who did her hair herself,” noted that hair was textured — and not curly or straight, but wavy. Gilbert, who styled on behalf of L’Or?al Professionnel, began by spraying hair with the brand’s Infinium hair spray, then curled locks with a wide-barreled iron. For the buns, hair was twisted into one piece that was coiled and pinned.

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