NEW YORK — Tony & Tina is trying to touch a consumer nerve.

The company will debut its first scent — Tony & Tina Vibrational Remedy Fragrance — in December and executives claim it’s “infused with so much energy, it will be damn near vibrating.”

The former indie brand, best known for its color cosmetics, will launch Pure Potentiality skin care this fall. The fragrance will round out the company’s offerings. “The press they get is great and the treatment is launching in the fall — this is the third component; it’s a way to reach a broader audience to continue the momentum they’ve got going with other categories,” said Don Loftus, president and chief executive officer of Cosmopolitan Cosmetics.

“People used to say if you go with Wella you’re going to have to do a fragrance. What do you think about that?” said Cristina Bornstein, co-creative president of Tony & Tina. “Tony used to love walking around the office saying: ‘Fragrance is dead and we will create the first live juice of the century.’ That’s what we’ve done, darn it.”

The juice, developed in France by Robertet, contains top notes of tea, black currant and peony; middle notes of transparent florals and mango, and bottom notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and musks. The fragrance is available in three sizes: a 30-ml. size that retails for $42, 50 ml. for $55 and 75 ml. for $68.

“The fragrance contains seven quartz crystals in every bottle and each crystal has been hand-programmed by Tina and myself,” noted Anthony Gill, co-creative president of Tony & Tina. The pair programmed the crystals with energies specific to each of the seven chakras found in the human body. Each bottle will contain seven crystals, each corresponding to one of the seven chakras. The juice is also infused with essential oils that correspond to each chakra. Bornstein and Gill, both certified reiki masters, personally delivered reiki healing energy to each bottle of the fragrance at the lab where the scent was formulated and manufactured. “You’ve got the vibration of a fully aligned chakra system, so this bottle is a lot better off than most of us. The idea is you’re going to put this fragrance on and it’s going to help you get what you want and manifest your dreams,” added Gill.Industry sources estimate the fragrance could generate as much as $5 million at retail in the first year.

The bottle, designed by Gill, has a silver dome-shaped cap that was intended to act as a conductor for healing energy and femininity, noted Bornstein. The clear glass bottle has the Tony & Tina logo embossed in silver and the juice inside adds a light purple tint. The fragrance will launch the day after Christmas, with the guerrilla marketing plan taking place beforehand. The fragrance will be available at the brand’s color counters, of which there are approximately 200, and at the fragrance bar in an additional 300 doors.

While advertising is not planned, the fragrance will be promoted by sampling and personal appearances by Gill and Bornstein.

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