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WWDStyle issue 01/12/2011


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Furry legwarmers are all the rage among Tokyo’s fashion-forward set. Two types are available: ones that are worn over boots (also called boot covers), and those that give shoes or shorter boots the illusion of having furry tops (called “boo deco,” short for “boots decoration”).

Popular fashion brand Sly sells a fake fur boot cover for 4,725 yen (about $56), and sister brand Sly Lang carries shaggy boo deco for 1,995 yen (about $24). Both brands have stores in the trendy shopping mall Shibuya 109, which targets women in their teens and 20s.

— Kelly Wetherille


Rio de Janeiro’s Lanno brand is launching its newest collection of cotton necklaces this month. The necklaces retail for $95 and are made with dozens of thick, multicolored, cotton strands that intertwine to create heart-shaped centers.

— Mike Kepp


Named after the strong, cold winds that blow in the south of France, Lou Mistraou is the Provençal name for France’s famous “mistral” and the label for an unusual hat collection.

This protective Cabriolet style, retailing around $250, is inspired by the kind of leather helmet worn by women driving automobiles in the early 20th century to protect themselves at full speed. Now, they’re made of summery silks and woven palm fiber with contrasting piping. It’s still protective, yet deliciously retro.

— Laurent Folcher


Italian tattoo artist and bijoux designer Amanda Toy has teamed up with Timex 80, the Italian division of America’s Timex, to launch a collection of timepieces.

The brand’s iconic Indiglo model, characterized by electroluminescence technology that converts the electricity directly to light, will be available in three pop patterns, featuring multicolor skulls, pierced hearts, dolls and dice on fire. The watches will retail at $55, on Timex’s online store starting in February.

— Alessandra Turra


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