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Watch out, Kate Moss. Chicago’s society set and local celebrities strutted their stuff down the catwalk at Chicago’s Symphony Center on Sept. 12, participating in one of the city’s oldest fund-raisers, the Woman’s Board of Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s “Image 2002” fashion show.

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The event began with a solo rendition of “America the Beautiful,” and ended with a flag-waving finale, complete with uniformed local police officers and firefighters.

Some of Chicago’s finest formally escorted the evening’s opening models in Escada gowns to a version of U2’s “Beautiful Day.”

Chicago’s Praise Ensemble, singing “Amazing Grace” and “Get Happy” provided the entertainment for a segment featuring Cartier jewels. Not to be outdone, Tiffany & Co. outfitted the Arthur MacDougall Wood and Neil F. Hartigan families in plenty of diamonds and other baubles.

The 1,500-person audience, which helped raise more than $500,000, applauded most enthusiastically for state Lieutenant Governor Corinne Wood who modeled Chacok, to Luca Luca’s luxurious peach, beige and silver fashions, which evoked a Thirties-era Hollywood glamour. McElroy furs, which involved knit caps and some fur wraps that seemed to still contain the animals’ heads, paws or tails elicited a different response.

“What is that?” one woman asked, peering at the pelt draped over one model’s shoulder. “Road kill fashion?” another joked.

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