URGING G8 TRADE TALK: As world leaders begin a three-day summit in Scotland today, trade diplomats in Geneva urged them to inject political will into the troubled Doha global trade talks. They warned that failure by the G8 to act could result in a collapse of the Doha round during the Hong Kong World Trade Organization summit in December. "The top trade priority for the world leaders at Gleneagles [Scotland] is to give a boost to the flagging Doha Development Round," said European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson in a keynote speech in Edinburgh. "I am worried about Doha. Not enough progress is being made and we are beginning to run out of time." A successful outcome in the round, launched in Doha, Qatar, in November 2001, would lower barriers to trade in goods and services worth nearly $11 trillion in 2004.

NEW LIZ LICENSE: Liz Claiborne swimwear now will be made under license by Swimwear Anywhere, a Farmingdale, N.Y., swim firm that also makes Juicy Couture, DKNY and Gabar swimwear lines. The Liz Claiborne line had been made by Manhattan Beachwear. The new looks, which include swimwear and cover-ups, will be shown at the SwimShow 2006 in Miami later this month and will hit stores in November.

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