There are about 1.36 million legal immigrants in Italy, of that:

11.6 percent from Morocco

10.6 percent from Albania

5.5 percent from Romania

4.7 percent from the Philippines

4.2 percent from China

3.4 percent from Tunisia

3.2 percent from U.S.

Source: Catholic nonprofit organization Caritas, numbers as of 2001

In Italy:

20,000 pizzerias

12,000 ice cream sellers

118,000 clothing stores

138,000 coffee bars

3,500 discothèques

Source: trade association Confcommercio


24.1 percent of Italians smoked in 2000 compared with 31.1 percent in 1983.

Source: Istat data on people age 14+.


Method of transportation used to commute to work, in percentage:



Trolley/ city bus 5.2%

Motorcycle/scooter 4.8%

Bike 3.2%

Train 2.5%

Subway 2.3%

Long-distance bus 2.2%

Source: Istat data from 2000

Wine/beer consumption:

43.9 percent of men and 18 percent of women drink wine every day

9.3 percent of men and 1.8 percent of women drink beer every day

Source: Istat data from 2000, for people aged 14 years and older

Biggest cities by population:

Total population: 57.8 million people

Rome 2.7 million

Milan 1.3 million

Naples 1 million

Turin 901,000

Palermo 679,000

Genoa 632,000

Source: Istat data as of Jan. 1, 2001

Marriages per 1,000 inhabitants:

7.9 in 1961

5.6 in 1981

4.9 in 1996

4.9 in 1999

4.7 in 2001*

Source: Istat. *figure is preliminary

Average annual spending on clothing, accessories and textiles for home furnishing per family: $1,600

Source: AC Nielsen SITA data, based on data from March 2001 through February 2002

Internet use:

18.5 percent of the population uses

the Internet

Source: Istat data from 2000


Italians took 75.3 million vacations in 2001.

85 percent of those were taken in Italy.

Of that, 9.8 percent were taken in Tuscany;

9.4% were in Emilia Romagna;

9.1% in Lombardy;

8.7% were in Lazio.

15 percent were taken abroad.

Of that, 21.7 percent were in France;

12 percent in Spain;

7.8 percent in Greece;

6.1 percent in Germany;

3.6 percent were taken in Central and South America, which is the most visited area outside of Europe.

Source: Istat data from 2001

NOTE: Dollar figures are converted from euros.

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