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Different designers are held to different standards. From the beginning, John Galliano set the bar sky-high for himself, which makes his current mood completely confounding.

It’s no secret that in the past his wildest, most theatrical extravaganzas elicited endless where’s-the-merch criticism, and there’s nothing wrong with him trying to address those concerns from his runway. But the John Galliano collection he showed on Saturday night looked like the work of a different designer.

The mundane attention to daywear aside, what of the eveningwear with which Galliano once so captivated his audiences?

This time, he offered perfunctory, garish-toned short dresses and gowns decorated with graphic embroideries that looked like metallic stickers from the corner Hallmark store.

Overall, this is a most peculiar moment for fashion, and Galliano’s current mood makes for exhibit A.

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