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The spotlight has been on John Lennon this week as the world commemorates the 30th anniversary of his death. This paper had plenty of its own Lennon coverage, including a June 15, 1973 story on Rock Royalty that outlined four of pop culture’s hottest romances. Here, those supercouples and their stats, per WWD.

Yoko Ono and John Lennon: “The Queen Mother and the King in Exile”
Vital statistics: “Yoko is 40 and upper-class Japanese; John’s 33 and working-class Liverpool.”
How their time is spent: “Putting out more albums than the public can consume.”
Contributions to pop culture: “Marrying John is considered by many to be Yoko’s greatest work of art. John’s — being a Beatle.”

James Taylor and Carly Simon: “Prince and Princess of the Counter-Culture”
Vital statistics: “Carly is 28 and ‘Our Crowd’ Jewish. James is 24 and landed-gentry WASP.”
Fashion image: “Bloomingdale’s rich hippie.”
Contributions to pop culture: “He made drugs chic and she made Bianca jealous when she got Mick to sing background on her ‘No Secrets’ album.”

Mick and Bianca Jagger: “Emperor and Empress of Decadence”
Vital statistics: “Bianca is 26, depending on the publication and her mood. Nicknamed ‘Iron Knickers,’ she comes from Nicaragua. Mick, 29, is the son of a phys ed teacher from Surrey, England.”
Favorite pastimes: “Pouting and snorting. She loves to eat frogs’ legs at La Grenouille. He likes talking about his daughter, Jade.”
Contributions to pop culture: “Mick’s sequin makeup gives a real shot in the arm to the male cosmetic business. Bianca has revived a dying interest in millinery.”

Cher and Sonny Bono: “Duke and Duchess of Middle America”
Vital statistics: “Cher is 26 and part Cherokee. Sonny is 37 and Detroit Italian.”
Favorite charities: “Hugh Hefner’s backgammon tournaments.”
Favorite pastimes: “Cher needlepoints and redecorates the house once a year. Sonny drives up and down the driveway in one of his Rolls-Royces.”
Contribution to pop culture: “America’s swinging sweethearts.”

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