NEW YORK — Jurlique wants to make its mark in the men’s category. Next month, the Australian treatment brand will begin rolling out a collection of eight men’s products to its worldwide distribution network of some 5,000 doors.

The new men’s line, called — naturally enough — Jurlique for Men, includes a foaming face cleanser, an herbal antioxidant moisturizer, a face and body moisturizing lotion, a shampoo and shower gel, a conditioner, an herbal shaving gel, an herbal after shave and an herbal deodorant.

“We have never seriously marketed a line to men,” said Mark Wuttke, president of Atlanta-based Jurlique USA Inc. “There’s more and more demand for men’s skin care items today,” he added. “What we’ve had is a catapult of interest from men [who are] more aware of how they appear, their confidence in how they carry themselves and the health of their skin.”

Jurlique for Men could generate first-year retail sales in excess of $2 million in the U.S., according to industry sources. Within the next three or four years, men’s products could generate between 15 and 20 percent of the brand’s total sales, Wuttke noted, with much of that growth expected to occur in the U.S. Sources project that Jurlique’s total retail sales will reach $222.4 million for the 12 months ending in June, up more than 35 percent. Sales figures have been converted at current exchange rates and are for Australia. About 7 percent of Jurlique’s total business is generated in the U.S.

Jurlique for Men, which targets men ages 30 to 45 years old, ranges in price from $30 for the 125-ml. shower gel to $65 for the 100-ml. face and body moisturizer. It has been in development for more than two years. “The market is now right for it,” Wuttke remarked, noting that 95 percent of the herbs used in Jurlique’s full assortment of 250 products are grown on company-owned organic and biodynamic farms in Australia. The Jurlique for Men deodorant, for instance, contains witch hazel and sage and the shaving gel contains spilanthes for antibacterial benefits, as does the face and body moisturizing lotion. For antioxidant benefits, the line uses tumeric, green tea and grape seed extracts. Additionally, Jurlique for Men employs a lemon-scented tea tree oil.Moving forward, “There’s the potential for another three or four men’s items in the foreseeable future,” Wuttke said.

Jurlique’s 5,000 doors worldwide include 75 freestanding boutiques, some of which began carrying Jurlique for Men earlier this month. Sixteen of Jurlique’s freestanding stores are in the U.S. and each of these units has anywhere between one and three private rooms for facials and body treatments.

The brand’s wholesale distribution network in the U.S., which will receive Jurlique for Men next month, includes about 150 resort, destination and day spa doors — a number that’s down over the past 18 months from about 450 doors due to retrenching efforts. During the contraction, however, sales in the U.S. grew 200 percent, according to Wuttke. “The [doors] we’re in do extremely well with us,” he said, adding, “we’re taking the U.S. very seriously.”

— Matthew W. Evans

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