NEW YORK — The bath category is getting a fresh and natural new player that aims to add some innovation to the sleepy segment.

Sudz, a brand that targets the 20- to 30-year-old set, is an organic line of products with natural scents so powerful that seals don’t need to be broken to experience each item’s flavor.

The line, which launches July 15, is operated by The Organic Sudz Company, a new business by Kiss My Face, the 20-year-old maker of natural face and body care products.

Sudz comprises eight bar soaps; six body washes, which are packaged in reusable water bottles, and two self-foaming pump soaps.

The bar soaps, which are 85 percent organic and are glycerine based, are each designed to meet a specific skin care need. There’s Sports Bar, a rejuvenating blend of jojoba beads and eucalyptus; Honey Pot, a combination of honey and hemp oil for dry skin; Salad Bar, a blend of parsley and lycopene to refresh skin; In the Pink, a complexion bar with alpha hydroxy acids, and Bare Naked, an unscented pure glycerine bar for sensitive skin, as well as Close Encounter deodorizing bar; Rough Seas, an exfoliating bar, and C-Weed, a skin-calming bar soap. Each retails for $5.95.

Sudz body washes, which will retail for $6.95, are available in corresponding flavors to the bar soaps, except for Naked and Rough Seas. Self-Foaming hand soap, which is priced at $7.95, is available in Salad Bar and Honey Pot. The items ship nationwide to retailers such as Whole Foods, Longs, Duane Reade and Trader Joe’s. Sudz also will be presented to the mass retailers. “They are trying to get 20-year-olds into their stores. This will help,” said Kiss My Face co-founder Bob Macleod.

Macleod and co-founder Steve Byckiewicz also are considering entering sporting goods stores as a new retail base.

“They have never sold body care,” said Byckiewicz of the sporting goods retail industry. “But they never used to sell clothes either.”

Macleod and Byckiewicz will attend The Outdoor Sporting Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, in August to pitch their products. Currently, Kiss My Face products are sold in 10,000 stores nationwide. Sudz is scheduled to arrive in 500 stores by the year’s end.The 16-item Sudz line is just the beginning, Byckiewicz said. “They are the first of what will be a much bigger brand.” Future plans include expanding Sudz into the hair care, shave and household cleaning categories.

Sudz could generate $3 million in first-year sales, according to industry sources. Kiss My Face, which is privately owned and based in Gardiner, N.Y., generates nearly $30 million in annual wholesale sales, sources added.

Fictional characters, Dirty Dora and Sam Shave, have been created to promote the brand in print advertising campaigns, which break in beauty magazines in the fall.

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