NEW YORK — Texas and Florida were the states slated for the biggest reductions in Kmart Corp. store numbers in the next round of closings, with the two states together accounting for nearly one-quarter of all contemplated closures. The Texas grand total of 54, however, was more than twice Florida’s 25-unit cut and nearly three times the trimming of California, with the third largest number of shutdowns.

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A state-by-state breakdown of the 326 “underperforming stores” Kmart Corp. announced on Tuesday that it intends to close as part of its Chapter 11 reorganization effort: Texas, 54 units; Florida, 25; California, 19; North Carolina, 18; Georgia and Ohio, 16 each; New York, 14; Michigan, 13; Indiana, 12; Illinois and Tennessee, 9 each; Wisconsin, 8; Arizona and Louisiana, 7 each; Colorado, Connecticut, Missouri and Pennsylvania, 6 each; Alaska, Alabama, Massachusetts, Virginia and Washington, 5 each; Kentucky and Minnesota, 4 each; Arkansas, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada and South Carolina, 3 each; Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah and Puerto Rico, 2 each; and Delaware, Iowa, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota and West Virginia, 1 each.