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Leyla Piedayesh’s knitted black-and-white message was clear as day at Lala Berlin, graphically perking up pants, skirts and sweaters. The rest of the collection’s patterns, though, were not as easy to decipher. A deconstructed lace motif, for example, was used as a jacquard knit and a woven print, and might also have been a blurry aerial photo.

Difficult to misconstrue, however, were sweater girl Piedayesh’s ongoing strides in cut-and-sewn looks. Long man-tailored coats were confident, while long sleeveless vests and baggy motorcycle jackets proved useful foils to airy, open-work knits, touches of lace and all sorts of Lala rocker gal slims.

On the sweater front, a soft and bulky fisherman’s knit sweater set and mixed yarn, multipatterned pullovers had friendly fashion appeal.


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