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Call it a league of extraordinary ladies - first ladies, that is. The three additional attributes from E-Scores - Awareness, Appeal and Influential - reflect some interesting insights into our lineup of first ladies. For example, while Hillary Rodham Clinton doesn't score highly in terms of style, the main attribute featured in today's WWD List, she receives high marks for overall awareness: 91 percent of those polled know her by both face and name recognition. And she comes in second to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, in terms of how influential she is as a public figure. And as for our two first lady contenders? Michelle Obama ties with Kennedy for awareness, and she comes in just ahead of both Barbara Bush and Laura Bush in terms of appeal. Cindy McCain garnered 33 percent of respondents' votes, who said she is appealing as a public figure, and 27 percent of respondents believe she is an influential public figure.

Overall Awareness

1. Hillary Rodham Clinton: 92 percent
2. Laura Bush: 71 percent
3. Barbara Bush: 70 percent
4. Nancy Reagan: 66 percent
5. *Michelle Obama: 56 percent
6. *Jacqueline Kennedy: 56 percent
7. Betty Ford: 40 percent
8. Cindy McCain: 29 percent
9. Rosalynn Carter: 23 percent
10. Pat Nixon: 19 percent

See the  ranking on style

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