Wearing feathers, spangles and hotter-than-hot pink, at MTV’s Video Music Awards our women of rock hit the red carpets steaming.

It was a night of sister acts at the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall with more jewels and feathers than a Las Vegas showgirl extravaganza.

Venus and Serena Williams, clad in black and hot pink — the unofficial colors of the red carpet — fueled the frenzy, along with the Hilton sisters, the Olsen twins, and Beyoncé and Solange Knowles.

Once inside, the gene-blessed siblings joined Christina Aguilera (wearing a shocking pink Cavalli feather-duster look) and a fleet of shorter than short minidresses worn by everyone from Kelly Rowland to Ashanti.

But Rob Zombie, who hung out with Carmen Electra and her husband-to-be, Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, at the Four Season’s restaurant for Maverick records and Playstation 2’s post-show party, wasn’t impressed by anyone’s outfit, except Beyoncé’s Atelier Versace gown. “The fashion was really subdued this year,” Zombie said.

“I was just shocked at how small the Olsen twins were,” Zombie’s wife, the actress Sheri Moon added.

Zombie found an unlikely armchair critic ally in Zac Posen who had also left the awards show on the early side. “Is it over yet?” Posen asked, in desperation. “I hope so. The fashion’s better at the after party, anyway.”

For her part, Gisele Bündchen skipped the awards show entirely. “I was on the telephone, doing all sorts of crazy stuff, you know?” She went off with Posen for a few spins — and smokes — on the dance floor.

Sony used the Four Seasons lobby to show off Eye Toy, a new interactive game that employs motion tracking technology so that body movements fend off “relentless ninja nasties.” Not exactly your regular Playstation types, Bridget Hall and Amy Sacco found the whole thing a hoot. “This is fun,” Sacco exclaimed, as she kicked a ninja or two. “It’s attack of the 50-foot woman.”As Jimmy Fallon, Tara Subkoff and Natasha Lyonne partook in the endless plates of sushi, Vitamin Water and Chambord cocktails, Pamela Anderson chatted with Aguilera, who had slipped into something less ostrich-y: a black leather jacket and black pants. Anderson was just relieved to be out of Radio City. “The performances were good, but the presenters” — she mimed a slit to her throat — “The dialogue was terrible.” Anderson, herself, had traded her Heatherette T-shirt for a plain white tank top, and Britney Spears changed out of the wedding outfit she wore on stage to kiss Madonna in favor of a shimmery Plein Sud top and jeans.

Bonnie Fuller, however, didn’t think to bring a change of clothes. She arrived at almost midnight straight from her new American Media digs, in Gucci office attire. While Fuller chatted about Beyoncé’s dance moves, Nicole Kidman’s and Spears’ style involved not talking to reporters at all. As Beyoncé’s “Crazy Right Now” pumped out of the speakers for the third or fourth time that evening, Spears grabbed her bodyguards to show them a little bump-and-grind appreciation.

Spears also gave some attention to Jason Downey, a Merchant Marine from Cherry Hill, N.J., and his friends Mike McFeeley, Clay Garcia and Rich Martucchi. The four, dressed in their white marine outfits, crashed the awards show and the after-party. (Lennox Lewis invited them to the Four Seasons as well as to Jay-Z’s party at club 40/40.) “We met Carmen Electra, Fifty Cent, Ludacris, everyone. Ben Stiller talked to me for two minutes,” Downey said. “And we were dancing with Britney. It was a dream, really.”

By 2 a.m., Rocco DiSpirito and his girlfriend, Yvonne Scio, hopped into their MTV-provided limo to head over to P. Diddy’s late-late-night party at Show, only to end the evening where it had begun: More screaming fans behind blockades, policemen on horseback directing everyone — even Fat Joe! — away from the scene, and another glimpse of Paris Hilton. But this time Paris wasn’t exactly getting the red carpet treatment. Deterred by the commotion, Lindsay Lohan just walked away. “They’re not letting anyone in,” Lohan said, pouting. “They’re not even letting Paris in.”

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