By  on November 28, 2005

NEW YORK — Mickey Sills, creative director of Scanty, is taking loungewear to new heights with a travel line called Just Plane Scanty.

The line, produced and distributed by the SBH division of Jacques Moret, was introduced in July 2004 and has developed a following among teens and soccer moms.

"I fly to the Orient every other month and I got the idea for the line because I got so tired of standing in line and watching women having to take off their jewelry, belts, boots and other items at security checkpoints at airports," Sills said. "I would see college girls whiz through wearing pajamas or Juicy sweats, and I thought why not do a line? I came up with Just Plane Scanty."

Distribution started in Los Angeles, where Sills is based, at boutiques such as Kitson's, and has expanded to include the Neiman Marcus catalogue, as well as, and The idea has also gained popularity in Japan, where the line began selling in July at specialty shops and the Peach John catalogue.

Annual sales are between $3 million and $4 million, according to industry estimates.

Three styles, each with coordinating draw-cord elastic pants, include a short-sleeved crewneck shirt, a long-sleeved V-neck top and an "ultrasoft" long-sleeved V-neck top. Colors are baby pink, baby blue, heather gray and white. Fabrics include a two-ply cotton knit that has been prewashed and shrunk for the "perfect fly-high fit," Sills said.

"It feels like something you've had in your closet for 10 years," he said. "The tops can be worn with jeans, and the pants can be work with a cute top or jacket. I'm able to hit two markets: the 45-year-old soccer mom and the 17-year-old daughter."

Suggested retail is $80 to $120 for tops and matching pants, and $45 to $58 for camis and coordinating boy-cut briefs.

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