At the Luca Luca show Monday, “chic, rocker glam” served as the inspiration for the models’ darkly rimmed eyes and glossy pout, said makeup artist Tom Pecheux, who was working on behalf of MAC Cosmetics. “It’s everything I like,” said Pecheux, emphasizing his fondness for a dramatic eye.

The dark hues were offset by a glimmer of gold along the eye’s inside corner, natural skin and very wet-looking peach lip gloss. Can the average women wear it? Maybe not, acknowledged Pecheux, unless she has unwavering self confidence. Then again he adds, “You’re selling a dream, and the dream doesn’t have to come true.”

A perky and textured ponytail created by hairstylist Teddy Charles completed the rocker-glam look. While the style appeared like a rather straightforward ponytail from the front, when the models turned in profile they revealed two ponytails. Charles said the two ponytails created a small element of surprise. The hairstylist, working independently, applied T3 plumping lotion to the hair before blow-drying to add volume. He then teased hair at the front before pulling it into a top pony tail, and followed with another ponytail just under it. “The hair is soft and textured,” he said.

The models’ nails were equally rocker-esque, painted with deep purple-brown shade called Fedora by Creative Nail Design.

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