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For those of us already feeling ravaged by the jam-packed show season, Caterina Ravaglia has a suggestion: “They really should add one more day to each fashion week,” says the 17-year-old who signed with DNA a little over a month ago. “No one ever feels like they have enough time. Everyone’s just going, going, going.” It’s no wonder Ravaglia feels overloaded. The Italian-born model has been in a mad dash since September 7th, walking in a whopping 30 shows so far this season. And it’s not over yet. Paris, here she comes.

How is Milan fashion week different than New York?

In New York, they’re more about, like, not having drama. Castings are much more straightforward. They like you or they don’t. They’re more organized backstage, too. I guess it’s just because New York is the first to go so it’s quieter when they’re preparing everything. In Milan and Paris, it’s, like, superfast.

Did you have fun in New York?

Yeah, I arrived 10 days before the shows started so I had a little time to know the city. I’ve been there twice for holidays, but it’s completely different. I had only been in the winter so I was surprised to see it when it was warm. It’s like a completely different city. I love it because it’s so easy to navigate. It’s a grid so you always know where you are, which makes my mom a little less scared.

How old are you?
I just turned 17 on Sept.14.

So you were working on your birthday.

Yeah. But its 17, so it’s not so important.

And how did you get into modeling in the first place?

I was suggested by some friends of my parents, because they work in fashion. They always told me, you should try, you should try! So I sent in a picture to Elite. And they picked me up. I did it without telling my parents, but they were OK with it once I told them. I was 14 at the time so I didn’t do modeling away from home until now.

You were so young when you first started. Was it difficult?

Yeah, I mean, I didn’t really know how it all worked. But slowly Elite started to develop me and teach me stuff. When I started doing castings, it was like a game for me. Like I had to make it. It wasn’t like it was my passion since I was little or anything. I was just like, okay, I started this now I have to do it well and give it my all. I started doing it full-on in January, right before last fashion week.

And you only walked in the European cities that season?

Yeah, Milan, Paris and London. That was my first real modeling. I was super nervous. Even after London went really well, I was still nervous to go to Milan because it’s my country. I wanted to do well there. I also think it’s more difficult to get into the fashion world in Milan if you’re Italian. I don’t know if it’s the same in New York with American girls.

You don’t look Italian. Does anyone ever say that to you?

Everybody. I don’t look Italian at all.

What is fashion month like for you?
It’s like being in another world for three weeks. You just have to focus on this. You’re always on the go. But as long as you can concentrate on it and keep going, you’ll be OK.

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