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The first thing you notice about Julie Rode is her mile-long lashes. While they may be a striking feature, Rode is quick to point out the hazards. “They’re so long that I can’t wear sunglasses because I can’t open and close my eyes,” the 19-year-old says. On an unseasonably warm October day, the Denmark native and current Trump model braved the sun to sit down with WWD.


WWD: How has New York been treating you?
Julie Rode:
Everybody says that I look like Michelle Pfeiffer. Everybody! I had never heard that before. The other day a man stopped me on the street and asked if I was her daughter.

WWD: How did your first New York Fashion Week go?
I went on a lot of castings, and it was crazy. Castings are very hard. You walk a lot, so my feet are dead. Since I’m not that tall, I bought these really, really tall Yves Saint Laurent shoes. They’re horrible to walk in, but I need them. I’m about 5’ 10, but the girls here are so tall.

WWD: Did you walk in any shows?
: I just did some presentations — Elie Tahari and Fotini. We don’t have presentations in Denmark, so it was my first time. It was difficult — you have stand for so long in high heels and smile the entire time. I enjoyed it, though. I also really like when you get to wear dresses that you like because you look like you like it.

WWD: What is your go-to outfit for castings? 
I’m a little boring because I like basic clothes. I only buy a few expensive things. I don’t like to buy a lot of cheap things. I just bought an Alexander Wang shirt, it’s really cool and in black, of course. I always wear black — in Denmark, everyone wears it. In the summer, it’s really warm, though, especially in the subways. The subways here are so hot. It’s like, am I in a subway or a sauna?

WWD: What has been your favorite job thus far?
I worked in Paris at a private house for Grazia magazine. It was fantastic. I was wearing the most fantastic, expensive, beautiful clothes from Louis Vuitton, Gucci — it was amazing. It was my first time in Paris. My dream job is the Victoria’s Secret runway show. That is the most amazing thing you could do. I had a casting for the catalogue and [I think] they loved me. I have an option, but you never know. I haven’t tried on the wings, so I haven’t had the real casting.

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