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If she had taken a different airplane, Ramona Chmura might not have made her way into modeling. But fate intervened, and this elegant Polish model with near-feline features made her runway debut this year. Building upon a strong first season (she walked for Christian Dior, Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana), Chmura returned for spring with appearances at Gucci, Jil Sander, Costume National, Kenzo, Matthew Williamson and Wunderkind. She topped that off by landing covers at Velvet magazine and Polish Elle.


Agency: Next Models


Height: 5′ 10″


Eyes: Blue

Birth sign: Aquarius

Home country:

How did you get into modeling?
“I was spotted at the airport by the son of a booker from Next Models. We were on the same flight from Paris to Bristol [England]. I thought he was just trying to flirt with me, but after seeing him later greet his lovely girlfriend, I thought, Why not? So when I was in London, I stopped by the agency and that’s how I started to work with Next.”
Which do you prefer: runway or editorial?
“As a teenager, I used to act in theater and did some small TV productions in Poland. Runway is a lot like being on the stage. There’s a hint of adrenaline and excitement. Editorial gives me the chance to be creative. To me, being able to do both fulfills me as a model. It’s impossible to tell which one I prefer. I love both!”
You opened Wunderkind in Paris — how was that?

“It felt good! Of course, there is a bit more of the pressure. Fortunately, I’m one of those people who is more likely to focus and do their best under the pressure. I remember when I was doing my first shows, I was thinking only about getting my walk right. Now, I enjoy myself much more on the catwalk.”
What does it take to be a great model?

“Patience and being able to work hard. [Have a] nice, friendly personality. No one will work with a ‘difficult’ model. It’s not enough to have a pretty face and perfect shape.”
Have you learned any beauty tips from the makeup and hair artists you’ve worked with?
“Bio-Oil at night. It’s good for dry skin as well as for hair. And it’s possible to make smoky eyes using a lighter and a wine cork! It’s an emergency party trick, I guess.”
What’s your favorite part about modeling?
“Traveling and having the possibility to meet and work with great people. Modeling gives me a chance to explore the world.”
How would your friends describe you?
“I hope they would say I’m nice, fun or someone you can rely on. I needed to call my best friend to ask that question! She said all of those things and after, she added, ‘A bit catlike. Playful and sociable, but very independent and quite mysterious.’”

What’s your “must-get” item of clothing for spring?
“Shorts are a must-have when it comes to any spring-summer season, and this season, they come in a variety of styles. I love the shorts I was wearing in the Twenty8Twelve show.” 

What’s your favorite snack food?
“Chocolate or apples. Depends if I’m being a good or a bad girl.”
What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

“‘Old-style’ Gucci boots and a leather skirt from Zara.”
What’s your all-time favorite song?

“‘Enjoy the Silence’ by Depeche Mode. I’m terribly romantic.”
Who’s the coolest person you know?
“My mom! She’s the funniest, the most optimistic person in the world. She’s 55 and has more energy and enthusiasm than many 20-year-olds.”
What advice would you offer wanna-be models?

“Believe in yourself. Lots of today’s supermodels heard ‘no’ at the beginning of their careers. You never know if what you worry about — like that your ears stick out — will be that ‘something’ that will bring you to the top.”

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