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Diversification isn’t easy, especially when a designer starts from a minimalist point of view.

For spring, Narciso Rodriguez tuned his spare aesthetic into fashion’s Sci-Fi Channel, working in a range of techno fabrics. Almost everything had some serious surface interest, whether it was crinkles, high sheen or lamination.

Steamy vixen dresses and gowns were detailed with decorative slivers — or an entire breast plate — of hard plastics. As an alternative, others bore intricate embroideries that mimicked corsetry.

Both often appealing, these should play well with starlets and socials alike.

But outer-space chic has its limits. Some of Rodriguez’s attempts at strong color just didn’t read as expensive, and with its too-forced geometry, his tailoring looked both austere and tricky.

To view Narciso Rodriguez’s full Spring 2007 Collection, click here.

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