NEW YORK — Chanel is set to open a 12,450-square-foot flagship in the luxury retail complex 2100 Kalakaua in Waikiki this weekend.

The three-story space, designed by architect Peter Marino, continues Chanel’s store design concept and features panels of burgundy resin, signature tweed furnishings and carbon fiber backdrops.

"What’s interesting is the use of carbon fiber and space-age technology fibers," said Barbara Cirkva, executive vice president of fashion at Chanel. "What they were able to do is recreate some of the essence of Chanel but in a very modern, avant-garde style — by using carbon fiber to evoke the idea and texture of tweed."

The Waikiki store will carry a selection of Chanel products, including accessories, fine jewelry and women’s cruise, sport, ready-to-wear and evening collections. Each category is housed in its own area of the store with its decor customized accordingly. For example, the fine jewelry boutique is a mix of white resin walls, beige tweed chairs and matching limestone floors. The second floor area where daywear and sportswear are housed is decorated with vibrant orange and turquoise tweed furnishings and features floor-to-ceiling windows.

"This concept is very residential, rather than a typical retail concept where every part is the same," said Cirkva. "So as you move from room to room, the furniture changes, the colorations of the wall change. While there is a common language, it’s a little bit different in every area."

Chanel declined to project first-year sales at the new store. Analysts have said the luxury center could bring in as much as $2,500 to $3,000 per square foot, meaning the Chanel store could ultimately do in excess of $30 million annually.

An older Chanel boutique, at 2201 Kalakaua Avenue, has been a fixture in Waikiki since 1984 but will close as the new unit opens.

"We will really have the opportunity to capitalize on that space to house some of the product categories we’ve been working hard to develop over the year," said Cirkva, citing as an example the expansion of the shoe department.

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