NEW YORK — The face of Nivea Visage is about to change.

Nivea has overhauled its Visage range and will reintroduce the treatment collection in a bid to gain greater market share in a face care category dominated by the likes of Olay and Ponds. A lineup of 14 Visage items — including four new products — is set to roll out to the U.S. mass market in March.

Executives at Wilton, Conn.-based Beiersdorf Inc. have called the Visage effort, which also includes new packaging and new advertising, Beiersdorf’s biggest initiative in the U.S. to date.

Spearheading the effort will be an advertising and promotional campaign said to be worth more than double the amount spent to support Visage last year. While Beiersdorf doesn’t break out advertising budgets, industry sources indicated that more than $50 million will be spent to relaunch Visage.

The quartet of new products includes an anti-aging treatment called Multiple Results and three moisturizers: Simply Glowing and cream and lotion versions of All Around Protection. Ten existing items have been repackaged and will flank the new items.

“We want this to take us to a leadership position,” said Susan Savoie, vice president of Cosmed marketing for Beiersdorf Inc. Such an aim “starts with Visage,” she added, “and continues with other products in the long term.” Nivea’s other major lines include Nivea Body and Nivea Men.

Face creams and lotions generated $1.07 billion in sales volume during the year ended Nov. 29, according to ACNielsen data. This excludes Wal-Mart, which accounts for 30 percent of sales.

Not satisfied with Nivea’s current 3 percent share of the U.S. face care market, Savoie indicated the company is targeting a 6 percent share, or a top-five ranking in face care, within a year after the relaunch of Visage. A 6 percent share of the current face care market would roughly amount to an $84 million brand.

Given that U.S. sales account for only a small percentage of Nivea’s $3 billion global take, Beiersdorf considers the U.S. a top growth priority. Outside the U.S., Nivea’s new-look Visage lineup is experiencing a staggered rollout. It has already launched in some parts of Europe, for instance, where Simply Glowing is named Pure Energy.In the U.S., the Visage collection will range in price from $5.99 to $17.99. Multiple Results is the high-ticket item, while Simply Glowing and the All Around Protection items are each priced at $8.99.

Since the late Nineties, Nivea has emphasized the use of coenzyme Q10, and formulations containing the ingredient have been enhanced over the past two years. While Q10 will still have a major place within Visage, the four items bowing in March feature key ingredients that are newly employed by the collection.

Multiple Results, for example, contains Creatine Complex, which is intended to help maintain the skin’s levels of creatine — a substance found to provide energy to skin cells. IsoProtectine, which is found in the All Around Protection items, is a botanically derived antioxidant designed to protect the skin.

“Q10 was the real engine up to this point,” said Savoie. Moving forward, the fundamental aim is to “mimic and support natural body function,” Savoie added, pointing to the use of Creatine Complex.

Indeed, this philosophy has been the impetus for a new marketing message behind Visage. “All advertising will talk about benefits inspired by the way the skin naturally works,” Savoie said of an upcoming TV and print campaign. “We’ve never really talked about the brand this way.”

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