NEW YORK — Gertrude Plosky, a retired retail executive with Abraham & Strauss and a pioneer for women in the industry, died Oct. 19 at her home here. She was 92.

The cause of death was due to lung disease, according to a nephew, Robert Maslansky.

Plosky graduated from Barnard College and later enrolled as the first woman at the Columbia Business School. During these early times at the school, she would face adversity from her male colleagues, said Maslansky, noting that students would often thump on their desks to interrupt her when called on by the professor.

Plosky was eventually forced to withdraw despite a strong academic record. After school, she joined A&S as a buyer at a time when the entire management at the store was male. However, she overcame the gender prejudice and rose to become a senior executive, merchandise manager for dresses. She retired in 1972.

Irving Wiggs, Plosky’s brother-in-law said: "One of the oddities of her career was Federated never made her a vice president. Had she wore pants they probably would have."

Plosky is survived by her daughter, Susan Miller, two grandchildren and several nephews.

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