Paris population: 2.2 million

Number of hotels in the city: 1,470

Number of hotel rooms: 76,200

Number of ready-to-wear fashion shows presented in Paris each season: More than 90.

Percent of Paris employees in the tourism industry (2006): 12.1

Average daily amount spent shopping by American Tourists: 40.4 euros ($59) AND by Japanese tourists: 85.6 euros ($125).

Number of people who visit Disneyland Paris, the city's most popular attraction, annually: 13 million

Number who visit the Eiffel Tower:
5.5 million

Number who visit the Louvre museum: 5 million

Number who visit Palace of Versailles: 3.2 million

- The Eiffel Tower was built for the International Exhibition of Paris of 1889, took two years to complete and was the world's tallest building until 1930.

- A Celtic tribe, the Gaul Parisii, settled on the islands of present-day Paris about 300 BC, resulting in the city's name.

- Construction of Notre Dame cathedral began in 1163, and it was the site of the crowning of Napoleon as emperor in 1804.

- The Louvre, which began as a fortress against the Vikings in 1204, has been a public museum since 1793.

Sources: French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, French Tourism Office, Chambre Syndicale,, Waterford Institute of Technology,

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