NEW YORK — Score one for the classics. The newly reintroduced Givenchy scent L’Interdit —?first released in 1957 —?is rising again at Lord & Taylor. For September, the scent has done close to $1 million at retail across all accounts, according to industry sources. In Lord & Taylor, it is said to have done about $70,000 at retail. Boosted by an in-store program tying it to Audrey Hepburn —who helped create L’Interdit and wore it as her signature scent — L’Interdit is said to rank number seven overall among Lord & Taylor’s women’s fragrances, and third among new launches, behind Chanel’s Chance and Glow by J.Lo. Lord & Taylor’s in-store campaign includes sales associates in Hepburn-style clothing, Hepburn visuals on the floor and Fifth Avenue windows, unveiled Tuesday, featuring Hepburn. "We’re very excited about L’Interdit’s success at Lord & Taylor," said LaVelle Olexa, senior vice president of fashion merchandising and public relations for Lord & Taylor. "All of the elements for this fragrance came together beautifully." Camille McDonald, president and chief executive officer of Parfums Givenchy, American Designer Fragrances and Guerlain, noted that the scent is outperforming plan in all doors. "It’s encouraging that this relaunch is proving that it’s possible to rework and focus on classics of the industry. I’m hoping retailers will realize that people will buy what you focus on in your department, and that can mean an older classic brand, as well as completely new scents."

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