TOKYO — "Tokyo's vibe, feel, energy, people…everything gives me inspiration," said Charlotte Ronson as she visited the Japanese capital last week with her twin DJ sister Samantha, younger sister Annabelle Dexter-Jones and their friend Lindsay Lohan. This was the designer's third trip to Japan, but it was the first time she visited Tokyo."When I come to Japan it's always business, so I only work and sleep. This time, though, with my sisters and Lindsay, I was able to tour around," said Ronson.Thus, the first two days of her four-day visit were reserved for sightseeing. Ronson and Annabelle went to Senso-Temple in Asakusa, the historic downtown area from the Edo period (1600-1867). The designer's comment on seeing her first Japanese temple was a simple "Amazing!" Lohan and Samantha joined up with the duo afterward for — what else? — a shopping tour. They were especially excited at A Bathing Ape and Hysteric Glamour. Lohan bought sneakers at A Bathing Ape, and said, "I wanted to buy five pairs of them, but it's too much trouble to bring them all back, so I only bought two pairs."But Lohan shopped elsewhere, too. She bought a black patent leather chanel bag; a Chanel necklace and skull necklaces as gifts for herself, Samantha and Charlotte at the hip store Restir in the new shopping development Tokyo Midtown; T-shirts from Loveless; T-shirts, necklaces and jeans from Hysteric Glamour, and items from Prada, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Fendi and a purple oversized YSL Muse handbag. She also, of course, shopped at Ronson's Tokyo flagship, buying herringbone shorts and a vest.As for the others, Ronson snapped up a Mickey Mouse watch from Loveless; trinkets and charms from Kiddyland; a compact video camera; glasses from Hysteric Glamour; bear ears and an ice-cream soft toy for her Chihuahua, Oliver, and even a charm bracelet and heart necklace from her flagship in Tokyo because it's a Japanese exclusive. Samantha, meanwhile, picked up a Dior Homme leather jacket and skinny tie; shoes and a polo from A Bathing Ape; a bright pink windbreaker and T-shirt dress from the Charlotte Ronson line exclusive to Japan; an Alexander McQueen tuxedo vest, and, like Lohan, a Fendi sequinned cardigan.On the third day, the group attended an event at Club Warehouse in the Azabu-Juban area near Roppongi. The large hall was filled with the designer's fans, and Samantha served as DJ at 11 p.m., immediately packing the dance floor. When Lohan took the microphone to sing, the crowd chanted over and over, "Lindsay! Lindsay!" "It was the best night in my DJ career," said Samantha. "Everyone was so excited and having fun!" On the final day, Ronson and her crew attended a fan event at her flagship in the Omotesando area. The four girls kept smiling even as they were besieged for photos and autographs. Ronson, who has a dozen shop-in-shops and the Tokyo flagship, has sales of $12 million a year in Japan, where her trademark is owned by Sanei International. And what did they all think of the visit? As Lohan said, "In Tokyo, everyone enjoys so many different styles that it seems so free."

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