NEW YORK — With backing from a silent investor, tenniswear designer Bumi Sirotka is getting into the sportswear business, with her first signature collection set to be served up at retail this spring.

Her “sophisticated preppy” looks will be aimed at women between the ages of 24 and 40. Sirotka and business partner Elizabeth Saxon are busy searching for Midtown office space for the 60-piece line, which will debut in August and will ship for spring.

“After asking consumers what they want and talking to people in the market, it seemed there was either in-your-face preppy or superclean lines,” Sirotka said. “One thing I learned is the sophisticated preppy consumer doesn’t want to be labeled.”

Sirotka, a Wilhelmina model and former designer store saleswoman, said her sportswear is designed to be “clothes you will revisit.” Each group will play into the same color theme and a core collection will be maintained from one season to the next, she said.

Skirts, sweaters, capri pants, and V-neck and scoop-neck tops will be among the bounty, with wholesale prices ranging from $36 to $120. First-year projected wholesale volume is $3 million.

Sirotka will continue to produce her tenniswear, which is sold at pro shops and better specialty stores.

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