NEW YORK — You could say that Tony & Tina Vibrational Remedies sees great potential in the skin care category.

The former indie brand has dabbled in the category’s development for the past six years, but now, as part of the Wella empire, its founders have turned their full attention to skin care with the planned launch of Pure Potentiality.

Cristina Bornstein, co-creative president of Tony & Tina, noted that while the brand is perhaps best known for its New Age-flavored color cosmetics, it had quietly developed a few key skin care items — including a makeup remover, a cream cleanser and two light moisturizers. Bornstein explained that the products have been on the market for four years, and while not available in every door, they have "managed to build up quite a loyalty with consumers and celebrities."

The new line, Pure Potentiality, plays on that strength. It contains 13 stockkeeping units — four of which are the previously existing products — with a tag line that states: "Miracles are to be expected."

"All of our products have been a physical metaphor for turning inward, where all the answers are," explained Anthony Gill, co-creative president. "We guarantee this is going to do as much good for you as the most expensive of any of the lines. We’re also telling you to stop buying the hype, because you’ve got to take care of yourself."

Pure Potentiality is intended not only to be a skin care regime, but also a lifestyle and life journey that addresses the skin’s needs, as well as those of the user’s higher consciousness. To do this, Bornstein and Gill suggest making three steps part of the regime: the first is to breathe, the second, to practice positive visualization and the third is positive manifestation. "You are the perfect one," said Gill, who explained that by using the products, your skin will look its best and also that there is a ritual to accompany its use. "We’re asking everyone to give time to a whole system of affirmations," said Gill.

The cleansing products include: Herbal Foaming Cleanser, which contains honeysuckle and retails for $26; Herbal Cream Cleanser with neroli, which also doubles as a shaving cream for $24, and Herbal Makeup Remover with wild pansy for $18.The exfoliating products are Herbal Daily Face Scrub with honey oat for $28, and AH/BHA Fruit and Nut Acid Peel One-Step Daily Pads, for $38, formulated to give skin an "at-home chemical peel."

The replenishing products include: Herbal Toner with lemongrass, $26; Herbal Skin Refiner, which contains appleseed enzyme, $32; Herbal Eye Refiner with rose mosqueta, $36; Herbal Skin Serum with white tea, $40; Herbal Eye Serum, which has blue corn to soothe skin, $38; Herbal Face Cream with borage, $34; Herbal Moisturizing Mask with comfrey, which is a water-based gel mask that can be used on all skin types and retails for $28, and the Herbal Face Mist, for $22, which is formulated with bergamot and can be used on the face and neck to soothe and condition skin.

Industry sources estimate the line could ring up first-year sales of $2 million.

Sources estimated that the brand did about $16 million in global retail sales last year, and with the addition of skin care, they estimate that 2003 retail sales could reach $26 million.

The scent of each product comes from the natural ingredients and high levels of extracts it contains. "Our goal is to make people healthy and beautiful," noted Bornstein. "You can’t just rely on a face cream, there has to be the whole lifestyle. So we’re really trying to promote a lifestyle and give people the tools that they need to support it."

The colorful packaging was designed to keep a cohesive vibe with the makeup, noted Gill. "The colors we used for the product represents the star ingredient. The products were also developed in-house and additions to the line are currently in the works.

The Potentiality line is slated to hit Japan in about 11 doors in July and five U.S. doors in September, although distribution plans are still in development. Currently, the brand is in 350 doors globally and 300 of those are U.S. stores.

While advertising is not planned, the launch will be supported by in-store appearances by Gill and Bornstein, as well as a full-time sales associate in each door and extensive literature explaining the line.

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