NEW YORK — Dlish has hit pay dirt with some Clean-smelling scents.

Since the launch of Clean and Clean Sweet Layer in April, the sweet, soapy scents have seen such a positive response that already Canada-based Dlish Fragrances Inc. has added Clean Soft Body Lotion, Clean Pure Perfume Oil and Clean Men.

Sales are at an excess of $750,000 and are expected to hit $1 million by fall, as Clean continues to top bestseller lists at Sephora stores worldwide and at select Henri Bendel, Fred Segal, Holt Renfrew, and Jeffrey stores. Nordstrom also recently picked up the line and it will debut in stores next week. Retail prices range from $59 for an 8-oz. lotion to $120 for a 4.5-oz. eau de parfum.

The original “just-out-of-the-shower fresh smell” that defines Clean fills a void in the current fragrance market, as each begins with a bar of soap.

“People want fresh, not that heavy synthetic fragrance,” said Laura Saio, merchandise manager of beauty and fragrance at Henri Bendel, New York. “[Clean] has a distinct specialness — it’s not a mass fragrance,” she said. “It smells like spring in a bottle, and you know how desperate New York has been for spring.”

At a beauty event at Bendel’s in April, the Clean table attracted “The Sopranos” starlet Jamie-Lynn Sigler, a fan of Clean, who hung around and autographed a few bottles.

Jesus Canchola, Sephora fragrance buyer, confirmed that there have been many customer requests for Clean products. “There is nothing quite like [Clean] in the market right now,” he said. “Few fragrances receive such a positive response.”

One would think that Randi Shinder, mastermind behind Dlish and the Clean lineup, would be an industry connoisseur with a long-standing history in the fragrance business, but she is just as new and fresh in the industry as Clean fragrances.

A self-proclaimed cosmetics junkie, Shinder, Dlish president and founder, received more compliments just out of the shower than drenched in perfume. Though everyone has a different interpretation of the soapy smell, Shinder’s inspiration was the original Dove bar and the desire to create something basic and simplistic.“The world is complicated. I’m a mother of two. Clean’s philosophy embraces what’s optimistic in the world, what we all strive for and lust for but have lost,” said Shinder.

Many things that are sure to hold true to Clean’s philosophy can be expected from Shinder in the upcoming months. A lifestyle brand offshoot, Clean Brand Inc., has its business mechanisms in place and is currently in planning and designing stages for towels and other home products. In July, Clean will release a 0.8-oz. roller-ball bottle of its perfume oil and has teamed with Sephora in a special promotion with a travel-size bottle of Clean-to-Go. There is also a holiday scent collection planned.

While remaining somewhat exclusive, a new back-to-school line called Clean Girl is being released in August. Clean Baby Girl, a baby-fresh eau de toilette and Clean Fun, a fruity and soapy scent in a roller-ball bottle, will make Clean products more accessible to a younger demographic with a lower price point. “Clean Girl is for the young and young at heart,” said Shinder. In the future, advertising for Clean will comply with its philosophy by addressing current, relevant issues in the world and by pledging that Clean products are free of “things that bother us everyday,” said Shinder. Clean contains “no animal testing, racial profiling, reality TV or insider trading,” she said.

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