NEW YORK — Call it the scent of retail: Kirna Zabête, the upscale SoHo boutique, has launched two signature fragrances.

The 5,000-square-foot store, which carries designs from the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Balenciaga and Hussein Chalayan, as well as designer dog and baby, candy and home products, is owned by Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini.

"The scents are simply an extension of our tastes and personalities," said Easley. "[The fragrances] fit well with our merchandise here. We have 100 labels and accessories and our customer wants to learn how to create a modern look — fragrance completes that whole package of the way a woman puts herself together."

Kirna, named for Easley, is a romantic floral that contains notes of sweet pea, water lily, muguet and grapefruit. Zabête, Buccini’s scent, is an exotic blend of musk, Moroccan rose, Indian gardenia and Mexican vanilla. "Both fragrances were created with things we personally like," said Easley. "We did it so each could stand on its own, but could be layered together for a more complex, sophisticated scent."

The fragrances retail for $65 each and are currently available exclusively at Kirna Zabête, with plans to roll out nationally beginning in February. Distribution, still being finalized, will include a handful of upscale boutiques in top cities across the U.S. and internationally.

Executives would not comment but industry sources estimate the fragrances could do approximately $500,000 in the first year at retail.

Julius Eulberg, fragrance and cosmetics designer, developed the juice, while Robert Bergman, the store’s graphic designer, designed the bottle and box. Both cylinder bottles are bright red and the design has mismatched horizontal stripes (Kirna) or multisize polka dots (Zabête). The inspiration for the bottle design was the colorful interior of the store.

Easley noted that future plans may include ancillaries, including candles, bath products and lip gloss.

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