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Designers give us a preview of their upcoming contemporary collections, with a bit of inspiration along the way.

This story first appeared in the September 1, 2011 issue of WWD.  Subscribe Today.

“We’ve given it a hint of volume, sweet layers and a low neckline, all to ensure that whoever wears it gets the attention she deserves.”

— Marsha Welcher, Thayer

“This hand-knitted sweater to me feels like a fruit and vegetable patch in an overgrown villa in the south of France. The dress’ colors evoke a nostalgic feeling of past screen sirens.”

— Zöe Twitt, Zoetwitt

“Our inspiration drew from the American Golden Age idealism. Both pop and desert hues set the stage for our color palette.”

— Stephanie Otto, Caroline Constas and Aimee Kellner, Miha

“Our concept was about going back to our roots and redeveloping the basics — a minimalist approach. Keeping the silhouettes clean, while focusing on color, fabric and detail.”

— Crystal White, Ali Ro

“This sheer color-block blouse with neutral suede shorts creates a sophisticated yet playful look, reminiscent of the carefree lifestyle of Palm Springs in the Sixties.”

— Axel Burla and Begum Tuna, Beatrixe

“This look embodies our core inspiration. She is feminine and dreamy, strong and always a little rock ’n’ roll. We love the chic gypsy.”

— Trish Wescoat Pound, Haute Hippie

“After visiting India, I wanted to create a collection that honored the roots of the fabrics and celebrates [the country’s] lavish history and rich culture; all the while making sure it translates to women today.”

— Nicole Richie, Winter Kate

“Couture elements, colorful graphic prints, workwear and pick-up trucks are all inspirations for highlighting some of the unexpected.”

— Katie Hatch, Harvey Faircloth

“For this look we looked at lingerie of the past; its lush delicacy and feather-weight yet layered qualities.”

— Melissa Leung and Cori Elizabeth, Petiole

“Our muse was the ‘contemporary globe-trotter,’ a city dweller who is always looking for remote destinations where she can find modern styling with a Bohemian vibe.”

— Lisa Brochu and Lauren Walker, Brochu Walker

“I was really inspired by the punk movement in London and New York during the late Seventies.”

— Cynthia Mittweg, Aiko


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