NEW YORK — What do Avon, Starbucks, and Tylenol have in common?

This story first appeared in the November 11, 2002 issue of WWD.  Subscribe Today.

They are among the 10 brands women cited as their favorites, when asked about 250 labels, in a study conducted this spring by Wunderman, a marketing communications unit of Young & Rubicam Inc. Starbucks led the list of labels most popular with women, followed by Tylenol; Chic-fil-A; Google; Fisher Price; Microsoft; Kraft; Avon; Discover, and Home Depot.

The women polled identified three reasons they most favored a particular brand: the way its products performed; the extent to which it treats them the way they want to be treated, and the sense of community it engenders. In a statement, Wunderman vice president Kasha Lewis explained, “It’s all about empowering her, not rescuing her; appealing to her holistically, instead of as a one-dimensional consumer who buys a product [simply] to serve a need, and helping her feel good about her product selections.”

Women said they liked Avon, for instance, because it offers them the chance to shop, when and how they want to, either online or from a representative. They also applauded its dedication to causes such as fighting breast cancer, and its offering of products to enhance their health and spirit as well as their outer beauty.

The brand least popular with women surveyed by Wunderman was Hyatt, followed by Hertz, Adidas, RadioShack, Avis, Dunkin’ Donuts, Southwest Airlines, Diet Pepsi, Timberland, and PlayStation.