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Avon will be swinging for the fences this summer by expanding its Derek Jeter fragrance franchise into a three-step skin care collection.

"We wanted to create a tightly edited collection that was quick and simple, yet effective because men don't like spending lots of time getting ready," said Claudia Poccia, president of Avon U.S. Beauty and global president of Mark.

Bowing in June, Derek Jeter Driven Skin Care includes Driven Oil Control Face Wash, Foaming Face Scrub, Ultimate Shave Gel and Moisturizer with SPF 15. Designed to cleanse, shave and treat, the line will be priced from $6 for the shave gel to $15 for the moisturizer. As a promotion for Father's Day, Avon will offer a travel and groom kit, including nail accessories, worth $10, with any $20 purchase from Avon's brochure.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Jeter said he felt it was important to create a line of products that was easy to understand. "I only spend about five minutes on my skin, and most guys don't spend lots of time in the mirror putting on a bunch of different products," said Jeter. "These products are quick and easy."

Already familiar with fragrance from his time spent developing Driven, the Yankees shortstop got a crash course on skin care while working with Avon to create the new collection. "It's been more of a learning process than it was with the cologne," said Jeter. "Besides shaving, putting on all these products was new to me. In the past, I would shave, put on some deodorant and run out the door. But when you get old, you have to start doing these things."

According to Avon, in a recent analysts' earnings call, the Driven fragrance generated $10 million in the fourth quarter alone, making it the company's largest men's fragrance launch.

"The launch has lifted our overall fragrance business and provided positive momentum to the whole category in terms of brand positioning and leveraging," Poccia said. "Now we're entering the next phase of our long-term partnership with the skin care line."

Avon's previous entries in the men's skin care market, Pro Sport Daily Performance and Pro Extreme Maximum Performance, were launched three years ago but never took off. "The men's ranges weren't positioned as well before," said Lily DeStefano, Avon's executive director of marketing of U.S. fragrance. "The combination of efficacious products and Derek's equity is really helping us move forward in men's skin care."Referring to Driven's positioning as a scent for "the average guy," DeStefano continued, "We wanted to focus on hitting a certain niche rather than playing where everyone else is playing. We're producing highly effective products by using our strong reputation for research and development in skin care and antiaging. By offering it at a reasonable price point, we're delivering it in a way that makes sense to an average guy."

Jeter's own must-have products include the shave gel because of the Yankees' "clean shave" requirement, along with the SPF 15 moisturizer.

"We can't have any facial hair below the top lip in our organization," said Jeter, who consistently sports a clean-cut look. "This shaving gel is great because you don't have to keep applying it. And playing baseball outside a lot, I need protection from the sun. I had never used any SPF before, so it's something I pay more attention to now."

When asked what his teammates did for their own skin, Jeter joked that he hadn't "sat down with other infielders and asked them what they've done with their faces recently." But Jeter said he now recognized the importance of skin care, especially as he gets older.

Although his teammates occasionally give him a hard time for having his own fragrance, they still ask him for samples.

"I don't think too many of them know about the skin care line yet, but once they start seeing ads in ESPN and other magazines, I'm sure I'll be hearing about it," he said.

Jeter provided feedback to the company in the development process, including his preference for lightweight formulas.

"I didn't like things that were greasy," said Jeter. "They gave me the opportunity to try things out, and it was a fun process during the off-season."

Driven Skin Care will be supported with print, online and outdoor advertising and exposure in Avon's brochure and men's catalogue. Avon will support both Driven Skin Care and fragrance with a $3 million integrated campaign. The skin care's print advertising will break this month in half a dozen men's national magazines, including Sports Illustrated, ESPN, GQ, Men's Health and People. Outdoor advertising for both the fragrance and skin care products will appear outside Yankees Stadium starting next month as well.

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