"It's almost like the organizers have struck a deal with God," said socialite Mimi Gregory. "I have a friend that said when he gets married he wants the wedding to be on the same Sunday as the Jumper Classic."

Gregory, an event regular, was just one of 3,000 guests who turned out under clear blue skies and crisp steady breezes last Sunday for champagne, shrimp and fillies at the Ritz-Carlton Boston Jumper Classic.

The Classic brought the city's socials together at Brackenside Manor in nearby Hamilton, Mass., on what has become, according to more than one guest, "the best day of the year."

While she admitted that dressing smartly for such social events is important, Gregory conceded top fashion honors to her former hometown.

"We're not New York. We still have the Yankees with the holes in the elbow of the Shetland sweater. It's not the fashion capital of the world here," she added, claiming she was unable to recall who designed her sweater.

All watched intently as Olympic hopefuls jumped the course that is home to the U.S. Olympic equestrian team. While some of the guests were avid riders themselves, not everyone was as sophisticated about horses. "All I know is not to get behind one," said Louis Kane, the head of Au Bon Pain.

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