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The after party of a fashion show is not exactly the place you’d expect to watch the superbowl, but thanks to Diane von Furstenberg and a massive screen they put in her studio Sunday night, 200 people did just that.

Guests like Peggy Siegal, Christian Louboutin, and Rachel Zoe chowed down on pan-asian cusiine courtesy of chef Jean Marc Hournard, the chef from Indochine and watched as it looked like Giants might lose. Ellen Barkin and Susan Sarandon huddled in the corner for a chitchat and a couple of smokes.

“I only care about the Super Bowl because New York is in it,” she said. Plus, Barkin added, football guys are not really her type. “I prefer a swimmer’s body.”

“Yeah,” laughed Sarandon. “I think if they look better wearing a helmet than not, then they’re made to play football.”

As David Tyree made the catch that led to the Giants’ last minute touchdown, the crowd at salon DVF roared. “We’re gonna win,” boomed the hostess.

People leapt to their feet and cheered. When the Patriots fumbled the final pass with just one second remaining in the game, Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” came booming from the speakers.

Paper Magazine’s Kim Hastreiter thought the Giants’ come from behind was a good omen for one Democratic presidential hopeful. “That’s what Obama is going to do on Tuesday,” she said.

Her partner David Hershkovits argued that it was bad news for fashion’s most famous working model. “Gisele had Tom Brady out all last week at Butter when he should have been resting,” he laughed. In other words, bad PR for the fashion biz.

For complete coverage, see Tuesday’s WWD.

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