PARIS — Doll hats, snoods, platforms, cherry-print dresses —in his whimsical, upbeat fall collection John Galliano revisited the Forties in his own inimitable way. That meant, of course, nothing too literal, but plenty of playful Boogie Woogie Bugle Babes in exaggerated makeup, complete with big beauty marks, wearing everything from va-va-voom lingerie to stylish, broad-shouldered suits. Here, one of Galliano’s girls in a big, cozy ribbon-bedecked sweater, a wartime-style, all-in-one undergarment, fruit-bedecked, veiled hat and platform shoes. For more on fall, see pages 6 and 7.

This story first appeared in the March 24, 2003 issue of WWD.  Subscribe Today.