LOS ANGELES — From trendy teens to fabulous fortysomethings, WWD’s fourth annual Top 10 TV Style Setters singles out the women making a fashion impact on and off the air. Our veteran favorites are here (we’ve even added a new Hall of Fame category), yet the small-screen stylescape is changing: Fresh faces are garnering as much (if not more) attention from designers.

So with the 55th Prime-Time Emmys less than a month away, what should the stars look like on TV’s biggest night?

“You don’t want to show up like you’re in character — that’s key,” admonishes Simon Doonan, author and creative director at Barneys New York. “But being gowned is just not enough anymore. Lara Flynn Boyle proved the way to get press was to look like a borderline lunatic. You’ve got to entertain people.”

Just watch it. “Everyone wants to bling-bling somebody because they are famous and it’s totally wrong,” says jeweler Neil Lane. “But forget the stud — it’s passé. Come on, girls, think of a better way to light up your ears!”


With a sleek, sexy style and flawless bod — and accessorized with the finest arm candy out there — it’s her Good Girl persona that keeps fashion watchers glued to her every move.

Giorgio Armani: “Jennifer Aniston has that natural presence that should never be suffocated by anything ornate or overdone. Jennifer proves beyond doubt that less is more when it comes to dressing for the red carpet.”

Brian Rennie, Escada: “Jennifer has tremendous personal style. Because she has a fabulous figure and a great tan, a beautiful white gown would look stunning. I would add a bit of silver beads for a little sparkle.”

Frédéric Fekkai: “I would love to see her with straight, smooth hair, parted down the middle. Or create an elegant sleek, low chignon with a side part. A chic, minimalist, sophisticated look truly flatters her. Jennifer would look amazing slightly blonder in the front because it frames her face and creates a great contrast to the color of her eyes.”Neil Lane, jeweler: “When people look at her, it’s not necessarily as an arbiter of taste — they just like her. I think she’s lucky that she doesn’t have to dress a certain way. She can do what she wants.”

Elizabeth Stewart, creative director, The New York Times: “She has her look — ‘fashion-forward basic’ — and sticks to it. Smart, too. It’s what most fashion icons do. She gets it so right that it seems wrong when she makes a change, like crimping her hair. She should talk Helmut Lang into making her a dress. That seems exactly her speed.”


She may be petite, but this nearly 21-year-old starlet has larger-than-life style. No stranger to the red carpet, thanks to the success of Fox’s “24,” she’s shown a range of looks already, from punky to sophisticated.

Brian Rennie: “She should maintain her youthful style and not appear overdone. I envision her in a simple one-shoulder or low V-neck — but not plunging — gown in a red silk or chiffon. She should play up her gorgeous face by wearing her hair off it, but nothing severe.”

Ricci DeMartino, stylist: “Because she’s so new to the arena, she could really evolve in her tastes. She’s such a classic American beauty, I would go with an American designer — someone sophisticated, elegant who would work great with Elisha’s younger age. Maybe Carolina Herrera.”

Neil Lane: “The red carpet does not necessarily mean tons of jewelry, especially on someone who’s 20 years old. A little diamond drop, a sliver of a bracelet is all they need.”

Anna Sui: “Elisha should take that 1920s glamour-girl look and mix a bit of punk princess into it. She would look great in a black, slashed chiffon dress with a long medallion necklace and black mesh fingerless gloves. Her lips should be the focus of her face in a strong red color and her blonde hair would look great in a pin-curl bob with a small diamond tiara tipped on the side.”Sally Herschberger, hairstylist: “I would go with a classic Vera Wang because it’s sexy. Like a black jersey and really long and skintight. Nothing frilly. I’d want to cut her hair into a Twenties bob where it’s almost shaved in the back. Very cool and edgy.”

Frédéric Fekkai: “I would brush her hair to the side, with long, wispy bangs and a subtle but slightly edgy flip. The look would be sophisticated yet fresh. I love the blonde, but would add some darker highlights to create more contrast.”

Simon Doonan, creative director, Barneys New York: “She always looks like she has brambles in her hair on the show, so she should do the antithesis, look really, really perfect. Almost prissy — a little shift and a big diamond brooch.”


The former Ford model opted for acting over college — good thing. As the rebellious deb, Rory Gilmore, of The WB’s “Gilmore Girls,” she’s promising among a world full of plastic beauties.

Elizabeth Stewart: “Alexis Bledel is adorable. Designers and stylists should be clamoringto dress her. I’d love to see her in Marc Jacobs or Prada at the Emmys. Their sensibilities seem perfect for her — high fashion and ladylike. And she should keep on with the long, straight hair — it works.

David Cardona: “I fell in love with her sweet, lovable face. I would accentuate her angelic appearance and put her in a shell pink chiffon gown with satin-corseted midriff. And multicolored chandelier earrings. The less makeup, the better.”

Anna Sui: “Alexis has a beautiful, fresh look to her. A good red-carpet outfit would be a Fifties-style strapless party dress with an Empire waist and an A-line silhouette. Pair it with clean makeup and hair, and with glossy red lips.”

Ricci DeMartino, stylist: “I love her long, dark hair, her striking features. She has such an innocent quality about her. I wouldn’t overdo her. She could do a tea-length, Dolce & Gabbana — not so serious. For her age, she doesn’t need to be overdressed.”Neil Lane: “This is the time when a young actress needs to experiment. As you get older, it’s more difficult to have fun because people ridicule you if it doesn’t work.”


While her classic blonde looks and refined style add a touch of Grace Kelly class to Hollywood red carpets, the Australian beauty quit being just a pretty face when she landed a charged role on the Fox’s hit series, “24.”

Simon Doonan: “She screams fashion elegance. She’s almost too perfect. She should wear Narciso Rodriguez, something severe and architectural so she doesn’t look like another dumb blonde. No jewelry. Do her hair more toussled like she’s been out all night on the tiles.”

Ricci DeMartino: “She can become the classic Hollywood icon — she’s young, she’s hip — but can pull off a classic with a modern flair. She’s a couture girl. I would love to see her in something a little more retro — maybe a vintage Chanel. She has the poise to pull it off.”

Gregory Arlt: “I love that she always wears Armani. I love Sarah in a red lip with a classic eye — a light shimmer across the lid, wispy lashes. And a soft, warm blush.

Giorgio Armani: “Sarah Wynter has a glowing beauty that brings that special magic to what she chooses to wear. Pastels and whites really suit her. For the Emmys, I would like to see Sarah in a pale pink satin gown, cut on the bias.”

Etienne Taenaka: “She’s a chameleon. She wears Armani almost exclusively and wears it well. For hair, I’d like to do something reminiscent of Grace Kelly, pulled clean from the face in a low chignon in the back nape of the neck and perhaps a really great piece of jewelry to add sparkle.”

Neil Lane: “I think she’s got her style down. She’s had a winning streak with Armani, and with jewelry she is very inventive. Last year she took a bracelet that belonged to Mae West and stuck it in her chignon.”LENA OLIN

Many people know the statuesque Swede from films, but her turn on “Alias” as Jennifer Garner’s mysterious mom caught the collective eye of the TV Academy this year. Her simple, svelte style should attract plenty of designer attention.

Simon Doonan: “She’s an older woman who commands a lot of respect, so she should turn up in something edgy and bask in the press.”

Bradley Bayou, Halston: “Lena has such a classic fashion sense. A perfect look for her would be a tailored tuxedo jacket and pants à la Greta Garbo. Her hair should be slicked back for a severe look to highlight her beautiful cheekbones. Makeup should be natural with strong eyes.”

David Cardona: “In her roles, she is always smart, fearless and convincing. She should turn out in something sensual — a low back, form-fitting, long-sleeved little black dress. Hair pulled back. Diamonds.”

Brian Rennie: “Lena Olin is a stunning woman. The perfectgown for her would drape the body and have a sexy cowl neck and be black.”

Gregory Arlt: “She has such striking features, less is more. A mauve lip stain. And soft definition around the eyes using grays, and not-too-heavy mascara. Just clean and chic.


This sassy strawberry blonde is fearless when it comes to taking fashion risks. Whether she’s poured into a fitted Valentino or an airy Christian Dior, the“CSI” crimefighter has the confidence (and the body) to make anything work.

Angela Missoni: “She is always appropriate but is never afraid to look sexy. I’d love to see her in a slinky printed silk gown.”

Neil Lane: “She is a doll who is willing to take chances and experiment with her style. She’s very daring and she’s able to strut her stuff without being a show-off.”

Gregory Arlt: “I love her. She would look good in warm, golden colors to really bring out that youthful glow to the skin. A coral-beige lip gloss and a thin, sophisticated, rich brown eyeliner.”JENNIFER GARNER

A bona fide fashion star, there’s no doubt she’ll kick butt on the red carpet, much the same way her small-screen persona, Sydney Bristow, does on ABC’s “Alias.” Designers can’t seem to get enough of her fierce, womanly physique and sweetheart face.

Donatella Versace: “She is the classic all-American girl. That body is to die for….I love when she shows off all of the hard work from the gym. She can look extremely elegant and very sensual.”

David Cardona: “I am an ‘Alias’ addict! Plus, I adore her pure, graceful, chic style. I would like to see her as more of a vamp: white, slim-cut tuxedo, crimson lipstick and wavy hair.”

Valentino: “She is a natural beauty with a perfect figure. When she puts on an outfit to walk the red carpet, there is a presence and attitude.”

Neil Lane: “When she’s dolled up for the red carpet, there’s no one who can compete wither her. She shows off her body, but in such a glam way it’s not offensive, it’s elegant. She doesn’t need a lot to make her glow.”

Frédéric Fekkai: “I would create a high ponytail with no part, twisted into a knot with a couple wisps of hair gently framing the knot — a sense of evening mixed with youthfulness. Jennifer would also look very beautiful with simple, sleek, straight hair, parted on the side and swept behind the ears, with honey brown highlights giving her a fresh, young look.”

Bradley Bayou: “A classic, clean, strapless column dress in a luscious, deep cranberry shade with a hidden, thigh-high side slit would show off her long legs. Something would be added to the fabric to give it a high shine for a special spark. Drop earrings in a semiprecious contrasting colored stones and superhigh, sexy stilettos suit the look perfectly.”


Designers, take note: The stunning 17-year-old star of Fox’s new hit “The OC” already has a head start in matters of style. The New York native, who resides in TriBeCa when not filming in Southern California, went to the prom in Chanel and, both onscreen and off, favors Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen. Her willowy frame and exquisite face have appeared in Calvin Klein and Dooney & Bourke ads, and we bet magazines are in for much more Mischa.Anna Sui: “Mischa has a tall, lean look, and would look best in a style accentuating that. The fringe coming off the shoulders and hem would look beautiful on her frame. With her legs, she could also carry off a Mod look like a cream metallic lace minidress and a pair of knee-high gold boots.”

Gregory Arlt, senior artist, MAC Cosmetics: “She has these great big eyes, so she would look amazing with a light, smoky eye — a wash of gunmetal gray. And a beigey, glossy lip.”


The “Girlfriends” comedienne effortlessly makes a statement, mixing up the unexpected — be it quirky designers; vintage high- and lowbrow, or from her legendary mom’s closet (many finds now tucked away safely in her own). A decade after doing Thierry Mugler’s runways, she’s a red-carpet favorite.

Giambattista Valli for Emanuel Ungaro: “Tracee’s a natural beauty. She has gorgeous legs and skin and curly hair. She could be beautiful in an orange lacquer dress or a minidress of frills.”

Valentino: “Tracee brings a modern approach to Hollywood fashion. She creates a very relaxed and confident look.”

Brian Rennie: “Tracee is gorgeous and wears color beautifully. I see her in a colorful gown with embroidered or beaded detailing.”

Simon Doonan: “She should wear short, short, short to show off those fabulous legs. I’m really feeling an Afro this season — she should just go for it and dothe full-on Angela Davis. But she needs to wear a classic dress with it. She doesn’t want to look like she escaped from the cast of ‘Hair.’”


Fewer red-carpet regulars love fashion more than the “Will and Grace” comedienne, and she embraces each look with a joie de vivre. No wonder the lithe redhead has been a fashion-mag cover girl so often this last year.

Zac Posen: “Debra Messing is so funny and charismatic and likes to take risks. She would look incredible in a silk halter gown, with her hair down.”Giorgio Armani: “Debra Messing can pull off many different looks successfully. But what suits her best is a simple sheath or strapless gown in a jewel tone.”

Bradley Bayou: “I want to make Debra look like a Greek goddess — a form-fitting diagonal pleated dress draped in multilayers of chiffon in a radiant royal blue with one draped sleeve and a spaghetti strap. Simple diamond earrings and a diamond cuff seal the look”

Valentino: “She has a wonderful spirit and presence, which I love. She manages to take a gown and give it a glamorous yet witty twist.”

Angela Missoni: “My favorite thing about Debra is that she never shies away from bold color. I’d love to see her choose a multicolored classic knit gown that hugs her figure. This step away from the expected takes confidence and would really make a statement.”

Roberto Cavalli: “I’d love to see her in a printed organza gown with lateral cutouts and a long train — just to reveal her sexy side, which she should show more of.”

Frédéric Fekkai: “For the red carpet, I would use big rollers, giving her hair a smooth look, framing her face with a lot of movement and great texture. Or she could pull half her hair up in a delicate hair clip, adding a romantic twist to her already sexy, flowing curls.”

Neil Lane: “I might like to see her doing something less dramatic this year. Maybe a pantsuit with a big brooch — very Marlene Deitrich, elegant 1920s.”

Jeanine Lobell, Messing’s makeup artist, founder of Stila: “The truth about doing makeup for awards shows is that the dress alwaysdictates the makeup. The fun thing about working with Debra is that she looks great with either a strong mouth and a softer eye with a romantic cheek, or she can wear a coppery-bronzy smoky eye and look equally amazing.”

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