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The quotable, in action once again.


People think if you’re strong about your sexuality, you must have a d–k. And that’s what this is about. You can be strong about your sexuality and be a smart woman who wears lipstick and high heels and looks pretty.”— Lady Gaga at a MAC AIDS Fund campaign appearance, Feb. 10

“During the age of the hippies, all of a sudden it was a sexual revolution and everyone was free — but the woman still wasn’t free, because if you didn’t put out, you weren’t cool. So you didn’t even have the choice to not put out. You had to put out. It never was a women’s empowerment.”— Cyndi Lauper, at the same event, Feb. 10

“Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment. I wasn’t born to give you a twin set and pearls.”— Alexander McQueen, quoted in his obituary, Feb. 12

“He had that ability to not only create beyond the limits, but also keep it accessible. He was able to do both, to dream the creative dream and deliver a product that you could embrace, and that is very unique.”— Donna Karan, about Alexander McQueen, Feb. 12

“Fashion, in a way, is even more about communication than it is about clothes.”— Isaac Mizrahi, Feb. 15

“Ignoring the Internet is total madness.”— Diane von Furstenberg, Feb. 15

“I hate going to fashion shows. You have to get your hair and makeup done and, like, sometimes wear an outfit that maybe I’m not that stoked on because it’s by the designer and that’s so not my style to begin with. And if it’s a friend, you want to support them and it’s a whole different vibe but really, it’s like oh, I gotta get my picture taken?”— Kirsten Dunst on the thrill of fashion shows, Feb. 15

“Pre-fall shouldn’t exist, I’m sorry. Wrong. Let’s start there. We’ve got to bring clothes into season….Pre-fall shouldn’t be called pre-fall; it should be summer. May is when summer starts.”— Donna Karan, March 10

“There’s this great Carlos Castaneda quote, ‘We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.'”— Actor Josh Radnor, April 6
“Art has got this gargantuan appetite now. All of the other creative mediums seem to be crumbling. It’s the last creative industry that is artist-led. The others seem more corporate-led.”— Malcom McLaren, quoted from 2008 in his obituary, April 9


“No growth is not an option. You grow or you die.”— Wesley R. Card, Jones Apparel Group, April 12

“You come to this city and your heart starts to beat, especially at this time of year.”— Ralph Lauren, opening his Paris flagship, April 13

“We’re living in the age of Gaga. I wanted everybody to feel like a star. Fame is a huge fantasy for people. Everybody should feel like a star.”— Zac Posen, April 15

“[Americans] always say, ‘It’s amazing,’ even if it isn’t.”— French actress Mélanie Laurent, April 16

“The media will create stories whether they are true or false. So why stop doing what makes you happy? Be true to yourself and everything else will follow.”— Jennifer Aniston, April 16

“For me, luxury never left.”— Oscar de la Renta, April 21

“Cutting something in half is something that almost needs to be done. To look inside things gives you answers, especially if you do it scientifically. I don’t tear things open.”— Damien Hirst, May 10

“I would have been so great in [“Sophie’s Choice”] because I would have done it in a Jewish accent. I would have added a different dimension.”— Joan Rivers, May 28

“In just the next five years, we’ll create 500,000 jobs around the world.”— Mike Duke, Wal-Mart, June 7

“I’m on London time. I’m on my second martini and it’s only 5 p.m.”— Gwyneth Paltrow, June 8

“Fashion is not for sissies.”— Michael Kors, June 9

“Thank you, [CFDA], for giving me the right to finally say to my husband, ‘Move over, you’re not the only icon in the house anymore.'”— Iman, referring to David Bowie, on accepting her Fashion Icon award, June 9

“Conspicuous consumption has changed to calculated consumption.”— Marshal Cohen, NPD Group, June 21

“The world could collapse and I would still keep reading the papers.”— Karl Lagerfeld, June 22

“I was inspired by my time working with Led Zeppelin when I first started my career.”— Sir Paul Smith, on his spring men’s wear, June 23

“You can go and record an album or you can record a masterpiece. I’m shooting for a masterpiece.”— Ricky Martin, June 23

“Our ultimate goal is to create the largest, most profitable branded apparel company in the world.”— Emanuel Chirico, Phillips-Van Heusen Corp., June 25

“Sometimes this industry needs a good kick in the butt to get it going in the right direction.”— Elie Tahari, June 25

“If I had any form of self-discipline, I would look a lot better than I do.”— Helen Mirren, June 28

“She should make sure she’s wearing her line when she gets out of jail.”— Kitson owner Fraser Ross, about Lindsay Lohan and her 6126 line, July 8

“I just learned how to shear sheep, and next week I’ll be making butter.”— Elizabeth Hurley, July 8

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him, so I’d like to say, ‘Hello, nice to meet you.'”— George Clooney, about defendant Vincenzo Cannalire, accused of fraudulently using the actor to promote his line, July 19

“I’d rather be relevant than cool.”— Alber Elbaz, July 21

“Having a Birkin even makes you read every part of the Emily Post etiquette book.”— Courtney Love, July 21

“It’s become brilliant — that’s what.”— Ray Bradbury on how his writing has changed over the years, July 23

“The thinnest man on earth. “— Peter Arnell, on the question of how he’d like to be remembered after losing 256 pounds; July 23


“There’s no way I’m going to give a janky-ass bag away to the consumer I think is buying this awesome product. “— Newly minted fragrance creator Katy Perry, on the notion of gift-with-purchase promotions, July 23

“I don’t think fashion’s easy — it takes a lot of work.”— Kristen Bell, Aug. 9

“It will be a huge bed with us in it. We are there, people can join us in bed and get their picture taken.”— Viktor Horsting, on Viktor & Rolf’s Fashion’s Night Out plan, Sept. 10

“It’s authentic. I care. I am involved. I’m not just putting my name on a hangtag. I wear the clothes. I wear them a lot. Many times I have to show the label because people don’t believe it’s mine.”— Jaclyn Smith, on the 25th anniversary of her namesake collection for Kmart, Sept. 10

“All of it was absolutely fitting, just beautiful, and typically Lee didn’t show up.”— Daphne Guinness at Lee Alexander McQueen’s memorial service, Sept. 22

“I’m strict about how my daughter dresses. When she wears short shorts, I make her wear tights with them.”— Madonna, with her daughter, Lourdes, at the launch of their Material Girl line at Macy’s, Sept. 23

“My aim is to boost my sales in the U.S. and to raise my profile among young people. Since I don’t get a lot of press coverage, young people don’t know who I am. I want to show them I am still avant-garde and that I produce original designs. I make a lot of money, but not as much as I should. It’s not about making money, of course, but about having a presence. I am ambitious, you understand.”— Pierre Cardin (age 88), Sept. 29

“Have you ever seen so much retouching?”— Liza Minnelli, about her airbrushed portrait on her new album, “Confessions”, Sept. 29

“She had a wonderful figure and she was rich. Don’t laugh. Rich is very important when you want to do these kinds of pieces.”— Arnold Scaasi on dressing Gayfryd Steinberg, Oct. 6

“Whoever coined the term ‘post-racial’ was a little premature. There is still a lot of work to do.”— Gary L. Lamply, Black Retail Action Group, Oct. 20

“I can assure you, boxes of Fendi handbags do not fall off trucks.”— Michael Burke, Fendi chairman and ceo, Oct. 20

“For me, the Made in New York City label is even more important than Made in America.”— Yigal Azrouël, Oct. 20

“It’s a great time for us. We haven’t seen such good times in a long time — really robust times, since the invention of the mall.”— Leslie Wexner, Limited chairman, Oct. 21

“It was more parental. It was a process of growing up. I was thirtysomething when I went back to work there. I wasn’t a kid, but I learned a lot from Adam. I learn a lot from reading the magazine. He is what I want be when I’m his age.”— Hugo Lindgren about working with Adam Moss, Nov. 8

“It’s almost like a public service. I know what it costs to make a rain boot. I could charge $800 for them, and people would buy them. Or I could still make a lot of money and be fair.”— Robert Duffy, on the 10th anniversary of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nov. 9

“She’ll have great style either in hell or heaven. We’ll miss for sure such a character, who had the know-how and skill to play with both eccentricity and the highest taste.”—  Christian Lacroix, about the late socialite Dodie Rosekrans, Nov. 9

“I have a lot of energy. And I’m obsessive. I’ll work and work and work and work, and then I’ll go somewhere and come back and work and work and work.”— Carolyne Roehm, Nov. 9

“I almost feel the urge to cook. I’m sure it will pass.”— Joan Collins, Nov. 15

“It is important to remain impertinent, radical. Creation must ‘shock.'”— Paco Rabanne, Nov 16

“I’m 29 right now, and I can look back at any stage in my life and say, ‘Oh, yeah, that was this stage, when I was seven or 13.’ It’s more just looking back and looking at different parts of your life. But that’s what growing up is.”— Nicole Richie, Nov. 23

“I can’t imagine four people I would want to tell that my filling fell out and I am doing some of my own laundry.”— Dick Cavett, on the Twitter phenomenon, Nov. 24

“The trick is can you be classy, sophisticated, elegant and take off your clothes?”— Dita Von Tease, Dec. 3

“I never wanted to be a ‘somebody,’ I just wanted to be a good musician. And those two things go together… you realize that you have to be famous to be able to make good music. Double trick.”— Keith Richards, Dec. 7