Unveiling new packaging innovations is the backbone of HBA Global Expo, so it’s appropriate that awarding the International Package Design Award to the best looking product has become a highly anticipated event. Below are the 24 finalists competing for the coveted top prize, which honors the product whose packaging best contributed to its overall success in the marketplace. The top winner, along with seven category finalists, will be announced Oct. 14 at the Expo’s opening dinner. Products considered for the award needed to be introduced between Nov. 1, 2000 and June 30, 2002. Products launched before Nov. 1, 2000 were considered only if they entered the U.S. after that date. Judges for the award included design and packaging heads from leading marketing companies. Mass Skin Care: Nutrifusion skin care by Reflect True Custom Beauty. Staying true to the Reflect brand, packaging was designed to project individuality; a client’s name is displayed in a gem on the front of the package. Reflect.com skin care products are available at reflect.com. Prices range from $19 to $42.Totally Juicy by pH Beauty Labs. Colorful packaging looks fill the void of fun, upbeat products missing in the category. The products, which target a 15- to 35-year-old audience, retail for $4.99 each and are available at mass retailers nationwide.Total Effects by Olay. The company’s goal was to design prestige-like packaging that would distinguish it among mass products, as well asprovide a "comprehensive breakthrough" consumer experience. Products range from $8.99 to $19.99 and are sold at food, drug and mass outlets nationwide. Becoming Luminous Skin Care Line. Slender bottles with smooth lines and silver caps look to denote the line’s quality, and be functional and affordable to all women. The collection’s prices range from $11 to $40. Available at ibecome.com or 866-I-BECOME. Pro-Retinol 100% Végétal + Enzymes De Jeunesse by Yves Rocher. Projecting a modern appearance was just as important as signifying the brand’s introductory anti-age skin-care collection. The color green is prominent on packaging and is an emblem of the brand, whose formulations are composed of plant-derived ingredients. Prices range from $9.50 to $28 and are available at YRBeauty.com or by calling (800) 321-3434.Prestige Skin Care: Oxygen Eye Cream by Sonia Dakar. Frosted plastic containers and black type looks to appeal to men and women. Packaging has been designed to be user friendly; an airless container ensures formulas won’t become contaminated. The cream retails for $65 at select spas nationwide.Luxurious Day and Night Care by Futuresse. The gold and transparent design of the packaging is meant to reflect the rareness and purity of the Lotus flower — the formulation’s main ingredient. The company also wanted the jar to have a glamorous appearance. The cream retails for $300 and is available in Germany at the spa at Brenner’s Park Hotel in Baden-Baden, the Hotel Meridien in Munich and the MS Cruiseship.Sun SPF 4 by Pierre Beauvais. The cylinder container (available in eight colors, one for each scent) is made of non-toxic plastic with a raised rectangular design. The products are available at pierrebeauvais.com and retail for $7.95 each. Personal Care:Gillette Venus Family of Cartons. An Apet card beneath the razor’s outer packaging allows consumers to view the razor. A translucent plastic substrate allows the razor’s handle to show through. Multilevel embossing and hot foil stamping create a unique appearance. Venus retails from $7.99 to $14.99 at drugstores nationwide. Ecru New York Hair Care. To take on a high-end, designer image, packagers used PET plastic to get the look of glass. Prices for Ecru range from $16 to $36. The line is sold at high-end salons and spas, as well as Nordstrom. Serious Colour Care by PureOlogy. Packaging is custom molded and designed to fit into the corner of a bathtub. Bottles have easy-to-pour grips — designed to fit in a woman’s hand, and a non-slip grip on the neck of the bottle. Containers are also color coded to help differentiate between products. PureOlogy is available at fine salons and spas and are priced between $17 and $19. MouthTools by Dental Concepts. An assortment of at-home dental tools are encased in clear plastic and attached to a square-shaped piece of cardboard, representative of a tool box. Mouthtools retail for $3.49 each and are available at select drugstores nationwide.Gillette Series Men’s Personal Care Products. Inspired by the Mach3 Turbo Shaver’s grip details, Gillette’s personal care line was designed so consumers could distinguish them from others from three feet away. Gillette Series is available at mass, food and drug stores nationwide and range in price from $2.49 to $5.49.Prestige Fragrance: Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, Inc. Presence by Mont Blanc. The bottle is a glass half globe on a black rectangle created in-house by Franzrudolf Lehnert. Presence is available in a 2.5-oz. and 1.7-oz. eau de toilette spray and retails for $55 and $42, respectively, at fine department stores nationwide.Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, Inc. X-Centric by Dunhill. Created by in-house designer Franzrudolf Lehnert, bottles feature a flip-back cap to hide the spray device, resembling a trigger on a cigarette lighter. Blue packaging denotes a masculine feel. Scents are available in 3.4-oz. and 1.7-oz. eau de toilette sprays, each retailing for $55 and $40, respectively, at fine department stores nationwide.Diesel Green by Diesel. Packaging was designed to resemble a garden spritzer. Both men’s and women’s fragrances retail for $21 for 30-ml. and $44 for 75-ml. and are available in Diesel stores.Bijan with a Twist for men and women. The movable rings surrounding the bottle are meant to symbolize life’s twists and turns and were the inspiration behind the scent’s concept. The women’s scent, surrounded by gold rings, is available in a 15-ml. perfume for $225, and a 1.7-oz. and 3.4-oz. eau de parfum bottle retailing for $65 and $90, respectively. The men’s eau de toilette, surrounded by silver rings, retails for $75 for 3.4-oz. and $55 for 1.7-oz. Fragrances are available at Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Macy’s West, Dillards, Foley’s and Parisian.Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, Inc. Ghost Deep Night. In-house designer Franzrudolf Lehnert created a smooth, curved bottle made of purple translucent glass in the image of a crescent-shaped moon. Deep Night retails for $45 for a 1.7-oz. bottle and $65 for a 3.4-oz. and is sold exclusively at Ghost boutiques in New York and Los Angeles.Mass Fragrance: 001Coty. Inspired by an early Coty glassworks design, 001Coty was reinvented to look futuristic. Product casing is made of malleable plastic — which is designed to feel like skin — and protects the glass container inside. The bottle and casing come wrapped in a bubble for protection and design. The idea behind packaging was to marry touch and feel. 001Coty retails for $100 and is available at 001coty.com or cotyshop.com.Ode à la vie Eau de Toilette by Yves Rocher. Shaped like a leaf, Ode à la vie looks to represent a botanical image. It retails for $19.50 and is available through mail order or by calling (800) 321-3434.Velocity by Mary Kay Cosmetics. Bottles, which are actually upside down and tilted with the dispenser on the bottom, are designed to reflect a sense of energy. Hence, the "i" in Velocity is upside down to look like an exclamation point, and bottles are colored bright orange.Velocity retails for $28 and is available through Mary Kay sales representatives. Cosmetics:Les Gouches de Chanel Artist Palette. Lipglosses and brushes were packaged to resemble a paint set, allowing women to control the intensity of color. This product was a limited edition for Chanel and was available May through August at select prestige stores and retailed for $65. Inline Originals DuoDynamic. This packaging is double-sided and designed with a lipstick on one side and is empty on the other, leaving room for a second product in the base. The products are not sold at retail yet, but are available at wholesale (price is determined by the size of the order) through Cosmetica Labs in Toronto, Canada.Shiseido The Makeup Concealer and Curl Mascara. Each box bears the brand’s signature rose colors. Slender container shapes were designed to fit easily in a woman’s hand. The concealer, $17, and the mascara, $18, is available at prestige stores nationwide.

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