Once the cameras stopped rolling at The Shrine, the stars were left to do what they do best: schmooze. First stop, The Governor’s Ball, then on to bashes hosted by HBO, Fox, Warner Bros., Showtime, and Brentwood magazine. At the Sky Bar, where ET and Glamour co-hosted a bash, Ashley Scott swayed her hips to the music, while Oprah Winfrey and her entourage preferred a booth inside Asia de Cuba.

Across town at Spago, where HBO had erected a giant amber-lit tent above the parking lot, Kelly Osbourne was a little more fleet-footed after trading her Chanel toe shoe pumps for some white ballet flats.

"I just couldn’t walk around all night in that sh--," she sighed, grabbing brother Jack’s hand and adding, "Come on, let’s go find people to chit chat!"

Kristin Davis found herself faced with the opposite dilemma.

"I find it’s hard to move from a spot once people find you," she whispered. "But since I work for HBO, it’s hard to dodge anyone."

On Thursday, WWD hosted an intimate luncheon at Mr. Chow for its Top 10 Style Setters, co-hosted by the Diamond Information Center.

"I’m such a freakish girly girl, I wouldn’t miss this for the world," squealed Debra Messing.

Macy Gray went straight for the tray of Graff diamonds displayed on the table. "Do you think they’ll let me have this one?" she asked, slipping a 10-carat sparkler onto her pinkie. Alas, Gray had to settle for the diamond solitaire necklace each celebrity was given, as did Rachel Griffiths who was shopping for something else.

"I’m in the market for an engagement ring," she announced, "and I’d like something hardy."

That evening, the Emmy crowd gathered at Spago for the Television Academy’s official nominee reception. Anjelica Huston showed up on Robert Graham’s arm and stayed until the party wound down, somewhere after 9 p.m., late by Los Angeles work-night standards, as did Jane Kaczmarek, who is seven months pregnant with her third child."You can’t keep me away from these things," she said. "I even hired a babysitter until 10 p.m."

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