Counterfeiting continues to plague athletic labels, and the Internet and online auction sites are only escalating the problem.

Worldwide counterfeit merchandise registers $200 billion annually in retail sales,but the amount of bogus activewear has not yet been broken out,according to a spokeswoman for Coalition to Protect the Advancement of Sports Logos,known as CAPS.

Major League Baseball,the National Basketball Association,the National Football League,the National Hockey League and the Collegiate Licensing Committee have all signed on to use holograms on their hangtags or garments to mark authentic merchandise.

Federal agents are eyeing New York,New Jersey and California,three hotbeds for knockoff production,for seizures.Meanwhile,CAPS officials are working closely with U.S.Customs Service officials to see how their pro- cedures may change under the influence of the U.S. Office of Homeland Security .

"There will be more federal seizures.There have been some links between counterfeit goods and terrorism, but not with athletic goods,"the CAPS spokes- woman said.

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