Restaurants aren ’t the only places to find a bouillabaisse of cul- tures.More health clubs are blending activities with distinc- tively different heritages.

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Yoga remains the main attrac- tion for many fitness centers as it has been in recent years,but now classes are blended with moves from Pilates,ballet and martial arts.

All those muscle-enhancing activities seem to be a shot of a vitamin B to women ’s confidence,with more gym goers wearing T- shirts carrying saucy messages.One fitness fan was seen last week working the weight- room in a shirt imprinted with “For ” on the front and “play “on the back.

Equinox offers a different take on martial arts-inspired fitness,with Forza,a class that requires maneuvering a wooden sword-like object.More delicate types can opt for fenc- ing,an activity Madonna helped revive by demonstrating her lunges in her music video and as the fencing instructor Verity in the lat- est Bond film “Die Another Day.”

Jeremy Scott and stylist Arianne Phillips collaborated to design her bondage look for the video.Lesser-known activewear design- ers give fencing attire the thumbs-up for its hidden seams and sleek silhouette.