Elisabeth Weinstock Opens First Store in L.A.

“Natalie Massenet told me to do it,” answered the designer when asked why she decided to open a retail location.

ALL HER OWN: Natalie Massenet told me to do it,”answered Elisabeth Weinstock when asked why she decided to open a store. “She said, ‘The only way your brand is going to be encapsulated is if you display it all together.’” Weinstock’s 1,000-square-foot namesake store opened Monday at 8159 West Third Street in Los Angeles. Weinstock gutted the space, built as a house in the Thirties, but said she redid it with a home theme in order to present her merchandise as if it would be “used in its world.”

The store is separated into four rooms. Customers enter a living room area, which features a $25,000 jewelry case, the most expensive piece in the store, and stacking boxes from $650 to nearly $1,600. A boudoir area has a large black chest that houses Weinstock’s Dopp kits and clutches in painted anaconda and water snake priced mostly from $600 to $1,000. There’s also a dining room with a 12-foot table for entertaining, and a man’s cave with a fully stocked bar and Weinstock’s men’s items, including flasks for $120 to $225. “This is a room where I would want you to feel that the modern-day Spencer Tracy would be sipping brandy,” said Weinstock of the man’s cave.

She happens to rent the space for her store from her ex-husband, restaurateur, Adolfo Suaya, while her current boyfriend, Brett Hammond, was responsible for the art in the store, notably a large painting of a woman clutching a cigarette between her teeth in the living room area, a city building across from the cash wrap and crows atop a skull and a trunk in the man’s cave. Outside of her own store, Weinstock’s lifestyle brand is available at Maxfield, Forty Five Ten, Fred Segal, Curve and Fetneh Blake.