ALL FALL DOWN: Why take the easy route with an accessories presentation — a showroom with some plain white shelves and decent lighting — when you can painstakingly orchestrate a moment of live theater featuring 50,000 dominos set up to fall just so? Inspired by Domino Day, a Netherlands tradition, Anya Hindmarch partnered with Mr. Domino — aka Robin Paul Weijers, a world-class domino expert and record-holder — whose team meticulously installed Hindmarch’s set over the course of a week.

They crossed their fingers it would hold steady against, say, a sudden gust of wind or a couple hundred guests trampling to their seats until someone tipped the  first trigger. The elaborate domino effect, collapsing pyramids of colorful tiles along the way, didn’t go off with out a hitch during the London Fashion Week presentation on Tuesday. Alas, one did get stuck — but had big pay-off in terms of entertainment value and mood-lifting cheer.

“The fact that it didn’t go perfectly was kind of fun,” said Hindmarch after the show, noting she had games on her brain when designing the collection, which included thematic pieces such as the Duke Domino, a clutch that looked like a domino, and the Duchess Backgammon, another clutch in shagreen and a multi-colored backgammon motif, plus some vibrant classics, such as a messenger style satchel with a multi-colored tassel.

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